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Mar 18, 2005 05:01 PM

Philly Soft Pretzels

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Last week we went to Philly but could not land a soft pretzel. I want to surprise my friends by making some. This could be hard. Anyone try it?

I may resort to mail order, but would love your recipe if you have it. All the ones I can find are for pretty standard pretzels like Auntie Anne's--I'm more interested in the thick, bready pretzels one might find from a street vendor. Thanks!

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    1. re: go

      Thanks go! --Eats

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      Professor Salt

      The old editions (mine is early 1980's vintage) of The Joy of Cooking have a great soft pretzel recipe. They deleted it from the more recent editions.

      Not hard, but a little messy. It involves a quick dunk in a pot full of baking soda solution, so it gets a tad messy. Results are delicious.

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      1. re: Professor Salt

        Thanks Prof-

        I'll look in my JofC. I think our is from the 60's. I've tried several from cookbooks but they always come out less think than the philly style I love. I'll see what this one looks like! -Eats

        1. re: eatsdc
          Professor Salt

          The JofC recipe uses a *lot* of butter, which softens the dough quite a bit. If you want a toothier pull to the interior, that lean recipe from King Arthur might work better for you.

          Also - experiment with a higher gluten bread flour instead of all purpose.

      2. You are in luck! My son-in-law's mother lives directly across from...

        Federal Pretzel Baking Co
        636 Federal Street - Philadelphia, PA 215-467-0505

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        1. re: ChiliDude

          Thanks ChiliDude. I'll give them a call! -Eats