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Mar 18, 2005 08:37 AM

Red Wine for a beef stew

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What type of red wine (merlot, cab, etc..) do you use in a recipe for a beef stew. It just says dry red wine. I don't want to spend more than 10 dollars.

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  1. Cabernet or Syrah (sometimes in California going under the Australian name of Shiraz) ARE GREAT FOR STEWS. Delicato if it is available to you can generally be found at $5.99 a bottle at most supermarkets and is very serviceable.

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      Also Jacob's Creek Cab/Shiraz blend is great in stews etc. I use it to braise short ribs. About $6-8.

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        I use Zinfandel from the cheaper line of modavi wines (W - something, I can't remember the name at the moment) ($6/bottle). Actually it's pretty good wine for the price.


      2. Whatever wine I want to drink with it. If you cook with a cab, drink one too. The cab you cook with does not have to be of the same quality, however.

        1. I always use Pinot Noir. Low tannin level and nice, bright acidity. It adds a dark fruit fullness and depth of flavor that compliments any hearty stew.

          You can get great California Pinots for $10.

          1. Zinfandel. Also, make sure you use a little bit of tomato paste. Brown it with the roux when you are almost done browning the flour.

            1. I like beaujolais villages or cote de rhone. Both are basic French plonk an available for $7.99 a bottle and up here in Brooklyn.