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Mar 17, 2005 02:47 PM

Nonstick pans and high heat

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Most of the nonstick pans I've bought have come with warnings not use the pan on high heat, explaining that the high heat destroys the non-stick coating on the pan.

However, I've also seen Chinese chefs use pans and woks that seem to be non-stick AND they're always used on high heat. Is there a a specific type of material that is both nonstick and can be used on high heat that I don't know about? Any info appreciated.

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  1. I often use my nonstick pans on high heat, but always have a coating of oil in them before I turn the burner on - I've heard that one should not heat a non-stick pan with nothing in it.

    1. Chinese woks and frying pans are made of carbon steel, well seasoned. They become non-stick and can handle high heat. I would be careful with cheaper teflon (or other compound) pans. They will peel.

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        Yes, they are more like cast iron than Teflon.