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Mar 17, 2005 10:29 AM

Le Creuset Bargain

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People always seem to be on the search for a good Le Creuset bargain on these boards. Heads up that Amazon is having a special:

5.5 qt round dutch oven plus a bonus 1 1/4 qt saucepan for $129.99 (with the $25 off coupon)

7.25 qt round dutch oven plus bonus square grill for $174.99 (with coupon)

5 qt oval French oven plus bonus 2 1/2 qt oval oven for $154.99 (with coupon)

6.75 qt oval French oven plus bonus 2 5/8 qt soup pot for $174.99 (with coupon)

There are a couple other bonus sets, but these four seemed the best deals to me. I don't think the specials apply to every color, but these are definitely the best deals I've seen in a while. Of course, as regular Amazon policy no tax and no shipping cost.

Also, don't forget to use the chowhound/Amazon link so the hounders get some credit.

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  1. >>Also, don't forget to use the chowhound/Amazon link so the hounders get some credit.>>

    How do you do that? Where's the link?

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    1. re: kc girl

      go back one page to where you see the map with the different boards on it then scroll up to where it says 'Wats new.chowhound and look to the right. In the sidebar will be the Amazon link.

    2. It's hard to tell from the pics I could find on Amazon or with Google - does anyone know if the "precision pour" description of the small saucepan means it has a pour spout like some of the Le Creuset pans or is the lip just supposed to deter drips in general. (I'm hoping it's the latter.)

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      1. re: MikeG

        They have this pot at Bed Bath & Beyond, so I saw the pot in person. (You can see it on their website, if you want another picture.) The pot is pretty small, but there is a distinct spout on each side of the pot.

        (Yeah, I ordered the 5.5 qt dutch oven with this bonus saucepan.)

        1. re: Pupster

          Not what I was hoping to hear, but thanks for the info!

          1. re: MikeG

            Well, after I posted I realized I could be mistaken. There may be an old version (the one I saw in person) and a new version (cuz subsequent surfing of the Le Creuset website showed a different looking product). Or my memory is just faulty.

            Check it out yourself, and I humbly retract my opinion.

      2. Are the different colors just for aesthetics? Or do they each serve a different purpose or use? (I'm a cookware newbie, sorry!)

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        1. re: Jen

          Just to be pretty and match decors, nothing more.

        2. The best prices are at Caplan-Duval.