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Mar 16, 2005 10:57 PM

Flan/creme caramel recipe?

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I have searched my cookbooks, but haven't found the perfect recipe. I'm looking for a flan/creme caramel recipe (preferably coffee flavored) that can serve 10 to 12 and that is made in one large pan (instead of individual ramekins). If you only have a really good vanilla flavored recipe, then please pass it on anyway as I can try to improvise. Hoping to make it Fri. and let it sit overnight in the fridge.

I've never made this in one large pan, so don't know what kind of pan works best. I only have springform and some bundt-type pans, but am willing to buy a special pan if necessary. Thinking I need a basic round cake pan w/ high rims? Any tips for ensuring that this inverts smoothly are welcomed.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Go to Epicurious and just enter flan on a recipe search. The first recipe to come up is a plain vanilla flan baked in a 9" pyrex pie plate. You could certainly infuse that recipe with coffee and get what you were aiming for. It is supposed to serve 10. Many years ago when I did not have ramekins I used to bake it in a pyrex angel food dish. It loked nice and was easy to serve and baked evenly and slowly in the water bath. Alas, I dropped the dish one day and it did not bounce. I have been looking for a replacement for years. Pyrex dos not make them anymore and maybe one day I will find a used replacement.

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      I have been making Maida Heatter's creme renversee from her New Book of Great Desserts, for years with great success. She uses a tube pan. The advantage of this is that the edges don't set before the centre is done. Also, the hole in the centre allows for filling it with fruit, which makes a wonderful presentation.

      I once had a disaster with another recipe that did not use a tube pan. When I flipped it over the centre collapsed. This has never happened with Heatter's recipe.
      I even bought a larger tube pan than the recipe calls for at a restaurant supply store, and adjusted the quantities accordingly. It is great for parties and is always well received. Her explanation is lengthy, but using a microwave to heat the milk, I have found it pretty quick to put together.
      I am sure you could substitute vanilla for coffee flavouring.