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Mar 16, 2005 02:31 PM

Do I need a non-stick pot to make oatmeal???

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I have never been excited about non-stick and I never thought I needed a non-stick pot. BUT today I (for the first time) made oatmeal with milk. Well, it was delicious, but it left my pot (an All-Clad Stainless) a mess! I had to soak the pot all day and then scrub for a while to boot. Do I need to invest in yet another pot or is there a technique that I'm missing out on? Perhaps I let it sit too long without stirring? Maybe it needs to be stirred constantly? I feel a little silly - I actually cook quite a bit, but apparently oatmeal is not my forte...


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  1. No need for nonstick. I imagine you simply had the heat up way too high. Now that your pan is clean again, try cooking another batch on a very low flame, stirring often. Patience is a virtue, esp. when it comes to grains. :)

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      I use a Le Creuset saucepan because that's what I have, but I also spray it with Pam first and stay with a low heat. Filling the pan immediately after with water helps in clean up too.

    2. By no means an expert here but milk does tend to stick, and so does oatmeal. Perhaps in cooking the two together you have exponentially increased the problem. I guess whether you buy another pot depends on space issues and how much you hate to scrub. Would you be buying it for the one purpose only?

      1. Nope - you didn't do anything wrong. Oatmeal is definitely a nonstick-pot deal. I've got two nonstick saucepans, specifically for oatmeal and mac 'n cheese from the blue box, etc., and they still take a bit of scrubbing with a plastic scrubby thingie. As long as you remember to use a wooden spoon or rubber heat-proof spatula, an inexpensive nonstick saucepan can last a long time and is a handy item.

        1. I use steel cut oats and soak them over night. I then microwave a portion with a bit of salt and some half and half right in my cereal bowl.

          I also gooks grits and polenta, other sticky substances, in the microwave too. After learning to do the grits and polenta I never went back to stove top again and the bowl cleans up beautifully in the dishwasher.

          1. I make oatmeal in a regular stainless All-Clad all the time. Granted, I cook it in half soymilk, half milk, but even when I used cow's milk I didn't have a sticking problem. Just cook it at a bare simmer and don't let it dry out. I never stir, either--just shake the pot once or twice during cooking if I think of it.