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Mar 16, 2005 01:29 PM

ISO interesting things to do with fresh artichoke

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I usually just steam them and eat with some salt or butter, but I'm ready to move on. Any suggestions? TIA

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  1. Recently I was served a wonderful cream of artichoke soup,garnished with blue cheese. The combination of flavors was unusual and very enjoyable. I guess you could scrape the pulp after steaming, then puree and proceed as with other cream soups.

    1. I usually use the baby ones. After trimming and halving them i cook them in a covered pan for about five minutes in a little water with lemon juice and drain. Then i dry out the pan put in some oil and throw in some roughly chopped garlic, crushed red pepper flakes, salt and pepper. After cooking this for a minute or two i add the artichokes back in and cook for about five more minutes. At the end i top with grated parm, chopped parsley and grated lemon zest. I usually use alot of garlic for this dish.

      1. Last night I trimmed, cleaned and split in half 4 artichokes. Then I jammed 1 tbsp of sausage stuffing (think a sausage turned into a meatball) into the hollow where the choke was and braised them in the oven half covered with a barigoule inspired liquid of wine/lemon/chicken stock/onion/leek/carrot/celery/water. Very good though the texture was not quite as good as simply cooking them in a similar liquid as I did a few days ago.

        I also like to clean them, slice thinly and sautee in EVOO with garlic a splash of wine maybe a bit of stock and some combo of thyme/parsley/chile flakes. This makes a nice side or a pasta sauce or a bruschetta topping.

        It will take a few rounds to get confident in trimming the chokes if you have not done it before but I think it is a good skill to have. Dont forget that the inside of the stem is good to eat.



        1. A restaurant in town deep fries the peeled heart and stem. It comes out great. Serve with an aoili.

          1. My current fav is to grill them. Trim, boil until tender, then slice in half lengthwise and remove the choke. Brush with olive oil, sprinkle with salt, pepper and garlic powder, and grill until they get a nice char. An mayo-based dip is good. Delicious.