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Mar 15, 2005 03:22 PM

Watergate Cake ?

  • k

Has anyone tried this cake? I heard it would be great for St. Patrick's Day. It's a white cake mixed with pistachio pudding mix and 7:up. The frosting is pistachio pudding mixed with cool whip .

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  1. feeling...dizzy....

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    1. re: curiousbaker

      LOL -- that is the first time I've ever used that abbreviation, and I feel justified because I really did.

      My thoughts exactly.

      Sorry, Kim, but I can't think of any event for which cake mix mixed with instant pudding and a soft drink, topped with more pudding and fake whipped cream would be good. How about this cake? Guinness is irish.


    2. You've just reminded me of the Watergate salad I was once served in Cincinnati.

      Ingredients: one tub Cool Whip, one box pistachio pudding, one bag miniature marshmallows, one can crushed pineapple drained. Maybe walnuts, but pulverised so as not to offend.

      This was the salad component of the dinner. The muse of history has drawn her veil on what the dessert was.

      Can anyone speak to where and when "Watergate" and pistachio pudding/Cool Whip became linked?

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      1. re: plum

        When my mother made that, it was called "Pineapple Delight." And it was NOT made with Cool Whip. That dessert was the only thing for which my mother insisted on actual whipped cream. The mini-marshmallows have to sit in the crushed pineapple overnight, so they absorb all the juice and get softed inflated. Then you fold in the whipped cream, unsweetened. Walnuts are not permitted, even if pulverized.

        I know it's disgusting, but I do still have nostalgic yearnings for this stuff. I haven't succombed in at least a decade, but it's the flavor of memory to my tastebuds, madeleines be damned. The idea that it's sometimes called by a name that links it with a national scandal, well, that just makes it all the better in my mind.

        1. re: plum

          I seem to remember something about it getting it's name because it was all "mixed up" or "jumbled up" like the Watergate affair. Don't know if it's true or not.