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Mar 15, 2005 11:13 AM

cookie cake

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Anyone have a recipe for a chocolate chip cookie cake? Thinking that I'd want to make one that is round and looks like one big cookie. Thanks!

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  1. What is a cookie cake, a giant cookie? or a chocolate chip cookie flavoured cake?

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    1. re: quest

      a giant cookie...i sometimes top it with fresh whipped cream and fruit, and cut into wedges...

    2. You mean like the pizzookie you get at an LA pizza chain (name escapes me). They made it in a pizza pan, and it was basically a giant undercooked cookie, at the stage where the top's getting crusty but it's still got soft spots underneath,and lots of gooey chocolate chips everywhere. My friends and I started going into the chain wherever we saw it, ordering just this, on a spring break two years ago....

      Try googling the term. Here's an EPI recipe swap I found. Alternatively, you could prob use your favourite cookie dough in a pizza pan (make sure it's thick enough) and undercook it a little. Please post back about how this works out!


      1. Can't you just make the pan cookie from the tollhouse recipe on the Nestle's bag? I've done that in a rectangular baking pan; don't see why a round pizza pan wouldn't work just as well. (And the restaurant chain that has the pizzookie is B.J.'s)

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        1. re: LBQT

          I love BJ's Pizookie and tried to make one, as they do, in a small cake pan (5" diam). It did not cook through evenly.

          A larger pan (ie; pizza size), and spreading the batter thinner would probably allow it to cook through more evenly.

        2. Chocolate chip blondies have a chocolate chip cookie-like flavor and great texture. Make sure to choose a recipe that calls for brown sugar.