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Mar 15, 2005 11:12 AM

Corned Beef in crock pot?

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I'd like to cook a corned beef in the crock pot and am looking for recipes. I'd like to add all the usual suspects (potatoes, cabbage, carrots, etc.) to it as well. Thanks for any suggestions!


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  1. k
    King of Northern Blvd.

    I like to use a mixture of Beef stock and Guinness as the liquid.....Mostly guinness....

    1. I cooked one a couple of weeks ago. 5.5 qt crockpot with ~5 lb of corned beef, may have been a bottom round, not a brisket. It barely fit, I was not able to cook the veggies with the beef.

      I put a cool corned beef into the crock pot, added ~2T pickling spice, added water to almost cover, covered with lid, turned to high heat, after it came to a boil, I turned the meat, reduced heat to low and let it cook for ~3 hours, turning a couple of times. Then, I removed the beef and some of the water (put into in a large stock pot/any large container would work, I didn't need the water I removed, but thought I would. If I don't have a microwave I reheat using the orginal cooking water), put the veggies (carrots, potatoes, asparagus, cabbage) in to crock pot, turned to high and let it cook. I removed the asparagus after ~10-15 minutes. I continued cooking until the veggies were done.

      The piece of corned beef had very little fat. I spread a mixture of brown sugar and country style grey poupon over one side (the biggest side) of the beef, put under the broiler until the mixture glazed/melted. Sliced and served with veggies.