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Mar 14, 2005 11:22 PM

Wasabi Oil from TJ

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I've just come back from TJ with 6 bags of groceries when all I went for was a box of soda crackers. These things happen...

But the reason I am writing is I am wondering if I should return an especially impulsive purchase of wasabi oil. It looked good in the store, canola oil base with a layer of bright green leafy muck that I assume you shake into suspension before pouring it on. While I'm not especially fond of flavored oils, I love wasabi-flavored anything and run through those toothpastey tubes of the pre-prepared stuff like crazy.

I am wondering if anyone has bought this before and if the flavor intensity is comparable to paste, albeit in oil form. Also, what else can you do with it besides the peanut sesame noodles I was envisioning when I made this rash purchase? TIA!

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  1. I don't have that problem at TJ's, but Costco is another matter. The floor there seems to be $100 even if I've just gone for paper towels.

    I have a bottle of that wasabi oil and it's pretty inoffensive. To me, the flavor is nowhere near as intense as wasabi paste. So far I've only used it in scrambled eggs (TJ truffle oil is better here) and salad dressing (not bad at all, especially on a Chinese chicken salad).

    1. Try it, and if you don't like it, you can still return it. Gotta love that "no fault" return policy!

      1. Jenny, If you can get your hands on some Wasabi powder (not paste or oil), it's fabulous in mashed potatoes. About one teapsoon per 3-4 potatoes used.
        Don't blame me for the portion size changing accordingly.

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          I actually do have some wasabi powder in one of those tiny tins but I usually cook pretty spur of the moment ingredient-wise and don't have the patience to "proof" the paste in some water the requisite 10 minutes for the heat to kick in (same deal for Colman's mustard powder). Do you find the powder to be freakishly bitter when you don't prepare ahead of time? Me, not loving the bitter.

          I will try your mashed potato tip though, sounds yum, not that I need help eating mashed taters!

          1. re: jennyantepenultimate

            Jenny, I just use the powder straight as a mix the potatoes. I haven't noticed any bitterness. However, I steam my potatoes and then rice them adding a mixture of warm cream and melted butter along with the wasabi. (Steaming keeps the potatoes from getting waterlogged and ricing changes the starch/gluten ratio.) This approach will surprise you as to how much better mashed potatoes can taste verus the boiled/whipped approach.

            1. re: Leper

              I love wasabi mashed potatoes as well--particularly w/ short ribs and beef cuts. I use your powder method and haven't noticed any bitterness either. I do believe that powder potencies can vary, so I just gradually add until I achieve desired taste.

              I'm curious about steaming potatoes, as I typically just boil w/ skins on and then remove before mashing. How long does it generally take to steam med-large russets? Thanks.

              1. re: Carb Lover

                Carblover, I have a fantastic steamer made by Analon. (It doubles as a soup pot as well.) Quarter the potatoes and they steam in about 10 minutes.