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Mar 14, 2005 09:08 PM

tea smoked chicken

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I've made this dish a few times and it is fantastic. Very easy and very little clean up(the bones make great stock too!). My problem is that the breast is always a little too dry. Should i steam and then smoke the bird breat side down?? Or what?

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  1. Try brining it:

    Dissolve 1C kosher salt in 1gal of water. Submerge the chicken and let it soak in the fridge for 1 hour. If your recipe includes any salt, you may want to cut down or omit.

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    1. re: Ruprecht

      It calls for a TBS of salt in the smoking mixture. thats it

    2. I've been thinking of trying you do it in your wok? Does it smoke up your entire house in the process? I saw Sara Moulton make tea-smoked pork in a wok a few weeks ago and it looks very interesting but I'd rather use the wok I have rather than running out to buy a smoker. Thanks.

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      1. re: Val

        It doesn't smoke up the house too much I have an extractor fan in the kitchen and it seems to help. Make sure you seal the tin foil well! The recipe I use is from the Food Channel web site. Good luck!

        1. re: jeff
          Doctor Mama (formerly Buttercup)

          Just found the recipe at Food Network (not the Food Channel). It looks surprisingly easy and I am going to try it this week.


        2. re: Val

          I use a 6 quart pot with a tight fitting lid. The wide top of a wok is much more difficult to seal. It's a cheap pot, 2 dollars at a garage sale, but for this recipe, since you are trying to burn the ingredients, the normal standards of even conductivity are not so important.

        3. you might try deep-frying it too. we did this for a party whose sole purpose was to use the oil leftover from thanksgiving. did a tea-brine, and it was soooooo righteous.