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Mar 14, 2005 05:24 PM


  • j

Got gevalia coffee assortment as gift. Tastes sooo nasty. Don't ever buy.

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  1. I wouldn't anyway...I buy only Fairly Traded coffees that assure the growers and the workers a liveable wage.

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    1. re: val
      JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)

      I get the green coffee beans and roast 'em myself. Goodness knows how long pre-roasted beans have been sitting around! You can get green ones from a wonderful online purveyor called Sweet Maria's. They also sell roasters and other equipment, but you can use a hot-air popcorn popper and it works just fine.


      1. re: JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)
        Anna 'Boo' Carroll

        If you order from Peet's Coffee they roast the beans the next morning and send it off to you immediately. The coffee is the most aromatic bean coffee I've ever had. They have a variety of roasts. I tried Gevalia a few years ago and it is the kind of coffee many Europeans enjoy drinking. But it isn't my cup of java at all. It tasted stale and sometimes burnt. And I tried every single variety they make just to make sure it wasn't me. That's why they have to give away those coffee bargains. The coffee is that bad. Try Peet's.

    2. Yeah that offer for the free coffeemaker sucked me in and the coffee was not good. I tried 2 roasts and just decided to cancel all orders.