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kid friendly green beans??

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my 4 year old used to love when I sauted green beans with oo and breadcrumbs but now says "they are too crunchy"...any other ideas to get her to eat her green beans or other kid friendly veggies???


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  1. How about Greek style green beans in tomato sauce. Sautee garlic in olive oil, add chopped fresh tomatoes (or cherry tomatoes) add green beans, a 1/4 cup of tomato sauce (whatever kind they like) and some oregano) turn heat down, cover and simmer for 20 min. These are soft and flavorful. I usually use them with a simple grilled meat and rice or orzo.

    1. Cook some whole peeled cloves of garlic in a skillet with olive oil, gently until golden. Mash garlic thoroughly with a fork into the oil, then add the green beans and a bit of chicken broth. You don't want to boil them, just let them steam in the broth. Cover the pan and cook much longer than you'd think you should. Salt and pepper. My kids - ok, they're young adults - cannot get enough of these beans.

      I myself have discovered that I like green beans cooked quite a bit past the tender-crisp stage. I don't want them furry and I don't want them to crunch. I like them mellowly well cooked. Not so with most other vegetables, but beans yes.

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        Doctor Mama (formerly Buttercup)

        My kids like green beans raw. I put raw baby carrots and trimmed green beans out with some hummus before dinner, and they graze happily.

        This won't work if your child doesn't like them crunchy, but it may be helpful for others.

        1. Try melted Velveeta on top (I know, yuk), but that's one way to get kids (and some adults) to eat their veggies.

          1. saute with minced peanuts and shallots.

            1. Make it into a fun project of making an edible face to eat veggies as a snack.

              Give her a plate with a little dish of ranch dip in the middle for a nose. Let her make hair out of the green beans, eyes out of carrot coins, and a mouth out of red pepper slices. Slices of tomato work for rosy cheeks.

              Also, how about mixing them with a little butter and parmesan cheese? Still one of my favorites.

              1. Sounds like a chowhound case of "you reap what you sow." My son makes the same kinds of culinary critiques--guess he pays attention to all of those hours that we spend obsessing on and discussing food...

                Incidentally I think she's right... Green beans do have a better flavor when they are cooked past the "al dente" stage.

                1. A little bbq sauce is good on green beans

                  1. One way I make them is to stir fry with oil, soy sauce, walnuts and a bit of sugar. I also had hot pepper but then again, my pups are used to spice since they've all been ingesting it since their days in the womb! FYI: I usually fry the walnuts and sugar first, then add the beans and soy sauce. You can cover them and cook until the desired bite however the nuts may be a bit soggy!

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                      Michele Cindy

                      My girls (4&5) used to eat string beans straight from the freezer. Your daughter will probably find these too crunchy, but you never know she may like them.
                      The girls love romaine lettuce. They like lettuce wraps filled them with turkey, cheese, roast chicken, whatever is around. Good luck! Getting some kids to eat vegetables can be a major headache!