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Mar 14, 2005 12:58 AM

Shortbread or sugar cookie recipe

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hi i am looking for a simple but delicious shortbread or sugar cookie recipe. I want to decorate them for easter with the nice frosting that hardens (can't remember what it's called)...any cookie recipe or frosting recipe would be great.
Thanks in advance

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  1. I crave this recipe I like it so much. And it's super simple. Good luck!


    1. If you're looking for sugar cookies to roll and cut into shapes and decorate, the very best recipe I've found was in a Christmas issue of Bon Appetit a few years back -- available on (see below). They are very tasty (I use Plugra butter, which probably helps), and keep their shape very well when baked.


      1. I have had great success with a Land o Lakes recipe--check their website.

        (You are probably referring to Royal Icing.)

        1. I think Toba Garrett's recipe from her book Creative Cookies is the best of any cookie for decorating, I took her class here in NYC and will never use another cookie. Even non-cookie fans liked it.