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best tuna salad recipe???

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I usually just put a little mayo, dash of dill, chopped onions & celery, and salt & pepper. Is it all the same or is there a truly great way to make a tuna salad? Thanks.

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  1. Dash of sour cream really evens out the mayo. Also add chopped hard cooked egg and a little Dijon mustard. Making it a few hours before really emboldens the flavors.

    1. I throw some chopped apple into mine. It gets lots of compliments.

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        Thought I was the only one! People love it! But it doesn't keep well (apple releases too much moisture over time).

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          Light mayo (regular mayo optional), apple and dried carnberries or dried cherries -- so good!

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            Grew up on tuna with apples! Didn't know it was "weird" til I had a friend ask me at age 10, "What the heck are you putting in there?" We did red apple, red onion, celery, dill and mayo. Now I like to add Nature's Seasoning sometimes as well.

            As another poster noted, Caesar dressing is yummy too, as is Italian.

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              I do this with chicken all the time but never with tuna. I'll have to try it.

          2. My favourite way is to add a bit of caesar salad dressing to the mayo along with salt, pepper, and green onions. This is the closest I've gotten to deli tuna sandwiches

            1. My favorite is still mayo with sweet pickle relish and celery(how Mom made it). But, there are other ways I like to prepare it too.

              Carrots, bamboo shoots, red pepper and/or celery with mayo and S&P. Really ups the crunch factor and the carrots add some sweetness.

              Cilantro chutney with chopped red onions and a good bit of fresh lemon juice (no mayo). Hot and spicy and completely different than a mayo-based salad.

              1. Balsamic vinegar! My friend who doesn't like mayo taught me this. Use a little bit of mayo ("for texture," he says), then add a healthy splash of the vinegar. I also like to add chopped grape tomatoes.

                This also makes a great tuna melt.

                1. I include a hard-boiled egg or 2 in the tuna salad that I make. The salad is usually spread on good rye bread baked with caraway seeds.

                  As my name implies, I tend toward pungent comestibles. Ergo, I've concocted a condiment that is part of the tuna/egg salad. The condiment contains the following list of ingredients in no specific amounts.

                  Italian peperoncini, stems removed
                  pimento-stuffed olives
                  a little extra virgin olive oil
                  a little vinegar

                  The first 5 are finely diced. The oil brings out the heat of the peperoncini, and vinegar is a preservative.

                  The tuna/egg salad is made with 1 6-ounce can of albacore, one hard-boiled egg, a few soupspoons of the condiment, and just enough good mayonnaise to make the resulting tuna/egg salad spreadable. Add the mayo a little at a time until the consistency is to your liking.

                  The sandwich is made with the aforementioned bread, the salad spread, and romaine lettuce leaves. I suppose one could use a flour tortilla or lavash to make a wrap, but my genes call for rye bread with seeds.

                  This reply was originally submitted 08Feb05.

                  1. i like miracle whip and sweet relish. it's what i grew up on. this said, being a full fledge adult, i make my tuna salad with the tuna packed in oil. drain off the oil, add some lemon juice, green onions and sundried tomatoes. put on toasted french or sourdough baguette. YUMMY!

                    1. You DID say 'a truly great way', didn't you? The one and only -- Salade Nicoise. See below. Report compulsory!!

                      Link: http://www.thatsmyhome.com/simplysala...

                      1. cottage cheese......yup.....with a Hellman's finish....add any crunch - onion,celery,cucumber......

                        1. I like mine with mayo (lots), lemon juice, chopped sweet onions (lots!), S+P, and topped with chopped tomatoes.

                          1. m
                            Michele Cindy

                            1 well drained can of good tuna in water, chopped fine
                            1 med onion, chopped fine
                            1 hard boiled egg, chopped fine
                            1 tsp bread crumbs
                            mayo to taste
                            Comes out perfect, especially if you do not like an overly fishy tasting tuna salad.