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Mar 13, 2005 07:47 PM

Thanks Sixy Beast: All American biscuit sandwich report

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Thank you to Sixy Beast for her recipe:

I love how recipes have endless iterations, much like that "pass on the story" game where the initial details have completely changed by the time they reach the 10th person. I have labeled my version All American biscuit sandwich due to my ingredients and the fact that I converted it from an upscale appetizer to a down-home light lunch.

Loved the scone/biscuit recipe. I made mine a little bigger, so came up w/ about 16 biscuits total. Also added 1 tsp. of sugar to the dough. Instead of using creme fraiche, I used 1/3 c. heavy whipping cream and still added the 1/3 c. of water. Mine didn't rise as much as they probably should have (ducking head low) likely due to the expired baking powder I noticed once I started the process. Buttery flavor and light texture were still wonderful though.

Didn't want a super rich or fatty ham, so I opted for a smoked ham from my local butcher. Came across a number of fruit pepper jams at the market, but chose a more savory one: Chimayo Red Jam from Colorado.

The result was a delicious flavor explosion in my mouth of buttery, smoky, spicy, and sweet. View my brief story here...


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