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Mar 13, 2005 03:53 PM

fish for the fish-indifferent

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My husband only likes 2 fish dishes--grilled salmon and striped bass steamed with ginger and green onion. Any suggestions for other, simple, but very flavorful fish preparations using other types of fish?

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  1. You could fry. Any white flaky fish (cod, haddock) is good with a batter - beer batter or tempura if you're up to it. Or catfish filet's simply dipped in an egg wash and dredged in corn meal. The farm raised cat are pretty bland compared to wild channel cat - so the traditional complaint of their gamey flavor is moot.

    You can buy a japanese nabe (nah-beh) which is a glazed clay pot for oven or stove top, and basically braise almost any fish, whole or filet. Salmon is good, monkfish (do the whole tail and take the meat off the bone after it is cooked), snapper, roughy... Put the fish in with some napa, bok choy, or regular cabbage, peas or pea pods, carrots, add some flavoring and some water or stock. I can't think of a fish that can't be done this way... The great thing is that you can vary flavors - soy & ginger, garlic & sesame, maybe something spicy.

    1. Halibut is a good fish for the "fish indifferent" -- mild taste but firm, meaty texture.

      For anyone who wants to add more fish dishes to their repertoire, I heartily recommend "West Coast Seafood" by Jay Harlow. Not only is it pack with delicious, easy to use recipes, but it's a good way to learn about the characteristics of different types of fish and how best to prepare them. Although he talks a lot about what's seasonal and available on the west coast, I think these days most of these fish are available everywhere, or using the guidelines in the book you can substitute a more easily available fish.

      1. How about miso-marinated grilled cod?

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          He really doesn't like cod. Can I marinate another fish in miso? BTW, he loves sushi--it's his favorite thing to eat--so doesn't object to "fishy" fish at all.

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            Sure you can. Alternatives to cod: salmon, arctic char, halibut, king mackerel, butterfish (also known as 'black cod' but is actually not cod; it is, I believe, a type of sablefish). Even swordfish or skate would work. Basically, any firm-fleshed fish.

            Speaking of skate, how about skate, pan-fried in brown butter?

        2. My husband is the same way. The only fish he used to eat was fried flounder (and it must be flounder), but now he will eat rare seared tuna with cajun coating on it, lots of wasabi on the side. I make it as an app when we have people over.Of course it may not be the tuna he's enjoying, he does like it hot...
          Same thing with shellfish, he'll eat scallops, but can't be bothered with shrimp or lobster. Hard for me to comprehend.