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Mar 13, 2005 10:22 AM

Spaghetti with mushroom sauce

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As a kid I once had spaghetti made with what I think was Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup. I still remember how delicious this dish was and have never been able to re-create it. The recipe was from the 1950's. Can anyone provide a recipe?

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  1. Go to this site:

    Hit the SEARCH button by FIND A RECIPE (without filling in any criteria). You will go to a search page.

    On the search page fill in that you have PASTA on hand, and lower down that you have CREAM OF MUSHROOM SOUP. Search.

    I got 26 hits. Maybe one is the recipe you want.

    1. Ok, so way late to this party, but one of my favourite comfort foods growing up -- and what I just scarfed down directly from the pot I cooked it in and washed down with a glass of wine (yes, long day) -- is straight up spaghetti with Campbells condensed mushroom soup straight from the can. Stir, enjoy. Sounds disgusting. Looks disgusting. Is disgusting. But OH. MY. GOD. This will heal any scraped knee; mend any broken heart. Make a failed exam better. Cure a hangover.

      My father used to pour condensed mushroom soup over pasta for me for every one of life's trials and tribulations. I will not admit to any of my friends that I eat this, but it's my secret go-to comfort food on a bad day.

      1. Almost sounds like a stroganoff made with ground beef.

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          I used to make tuna casserole with a can of cream of mushroom, a can of tune, elbow macaroni, and american favorite cafeteria dish from my childhood. My wife made me stop in the interests of preserving our health.....

        2. My mother got the recipe way back in the 60's. We still make it to this day.

          1 lb ground beef, browned and fat drained.
          4 -8 0z cans tomato sauce
          1 can cream of mushroom soup
          3 slices american cheese slices
          Italian seasoning
          salt and pepper to taste
          garlic powder to taste

          Brown meat, add tomato sauce, mushroom soup, all seasonings and cheese slices. Simmer. It is better the next day. Hope this helps!