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Mar 12, 2005 10:27 PM

desserts you can make with POM (pomegranate juice)???

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hi all,

dessert ideas you have for POM (the pomegranate juice)????

i love the tartness of it and am looking for dishes to use it in.

thanks in advance!

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  1. I made "jello"... I'm still experimenting, since last time I either didn't use enough gelatin or was too impatient to wait long enough for a set. So instead my dinner guests and I had a lovely white china cup of thick ruby elixir...
    When it gets warmer, I'll try a granita.

    BTW, a source for high-quality gelatin ( Bernard Jensen brand) is
    Radiant Life

    I get fresh-frozen pomegranate juice from a farmer at my local market which is unpastuerized, but I imagine the POM would work the same.

    1. I boil down the POM until it is a thick, gooey syrup -- almost to the point of making POM candy (which is a good idea too). Then I drizzle the POM goo over petit-four sized cake, or use it as decor on the dessert plate, or lick it off the spoon. Tart and sweet - and delicious.

      1. Not a dessert, but I love to add the POM to mimosas, or just straight up with champagne

        1. Try pomegranate martini....use Belvedeer vodka