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Mar 12, 2005 09:10 PM

Hermits and another favorite...

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Does anyone have a tried and true recipe for hermit bars that are thin, crackly and chewy? I just made Maida Heatter's recipe and while they taste delicious, they are not what I was looking for. Her's were more of a bar cookie, dense, moist and the spice combination was perfect, but the hermits I'm thinking of seem to have more molasses or something? On a whim I bought some at Whole Foods (usually bake my own stuff) and they were sooo good.
Also, does anyone have a recipe for the white sugar cookie with the fudge on top that seem to be popular in N.Y. but I cannot find them here in Ma.?? Thank You!!!

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  1. Those sound liker Berger cookies from Baltimore.

    No recipe, but you can order them from the web. Really good.