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Mar 12, 2005 08:01 PM

after the lemons are preserved

  • k

I've made my first batch of preserved lemons. They've been in the lemon juice/salt solution for about a month and a half now. It's very exciting to have them ready.

But once they're done, how do you store them? I've looked in both Claudia Roden and Paula Wolfert cookbooks. They say I don't have to refrigerate them, but do I need to change the solution? Leave them in there until I've finished them? I did a bunch so that'll be a while.

It's an annoyingly obvious question to the experienced I'm sure, but I'd love any advice!

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  1. I put mine in the fridge, as Roden says a "cool place" and that's my best guess. I don't change the solution.

    1. i don't refrigerate mine or change the solution. i leave it in the back of the pantry. i live in SF, so i feel that the pantry is cool and dark enough for the lemons to keep. IMHO i think they will keep indefinitely. use the leftover juice as well! remember to use CLEAN utensils/fingers when removing from the jar. NO cross contamination!

      1. They do seem to last forever...mine were 2 years old and maintained flavor, color, and texture. I finally did another batch last week - beyond the Moroccan chicken and fish tagines, I have chopped the rinds of the preserved lemons to add to potato salad, tuna salad, and to garnish sauteed bok choy and garlic...and home fries. Note to self: add to pomme frites and aoili

        1. Thanks for the information and tips!