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Mar 12, 2005 12:49 PM

Cuisinart or DeLonghi ?

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I am looking to buy a new toaster/oven.I've read loads of positive reviews(on of the Cuisinart, but when I spoke to a salesperson at Bed,Bath and Beyond this week, he strongly recommended the DeLonghi.Both are exactly the same price, so that's not a consideration. Can anyone help me sort out this confusing info? Thanks
BTW... The salesperson said DeLonghi was European made, (as opposed to being made in China), the DeLonghi has an enamel interior, and the Cuisinart is just not as well-built.

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  1. I am very happy with my Cuisinart of 3 years; cannot imagine how I did without it.

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      I've been through two DeLonghi products - one space heater and one toaster. The toaster made tiger stripe toast and was poorly designed. I actually want to get my toast out of the contraption post toasting. Silly me. The space heater never worked. It put out about 90 degrees F air, about the same heat as a candle.

      The toaster is sitting in my front hallway while I consider whether or not to donate it to charity. I paid a bundle for it and suffered trough months of bad toast. Is this the kind of gift that keeps on giving or am I just fobbing my problems off on another. The space heater was returned and replaced with a Coleman for half the price and twice the heat and the same energy efficiency - well, better really considering the results.

      All this is to say I would go with Cuisinart. My replacement toaster is a Cuisinart and makes perfect toast every time.

      1. I love my Cuisinart Convection toaster oven, used a lot for over two years, no problems. Great for toast, also for one or two baked potatos when you don't want to use a bigger oven, also frozen dinners perfectly. It's a little big on the counter, but like the previous poster, I don't know why I put up with less for many years.

        1. Thank you all SO much. I actually marched over to Bed and Bath this afternoon, and purchased the Cuisinart. I am so excited, and feel better knowing that you all LOVE yours. Hope I will love mine, as well.