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Mar 11, 2005 07:44 PM

martha stuart everyday food

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Question-is the magazine worthwhile to subscscribe to -15 dollars for for ten issues with a free zester? It seems like the receipes are good and easy to prepare with a few ingredients and in a short period of time. Also is a zester a must have in the kitchen??

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  1. Sandr, Martha's "everyday food" for the last six months has been macaroni and cheese, breaded pan pizza and scalloped potatoes with sloppy joes. I'm not sure how much prison food you want to cook. But if that's your interest, check out Rocco's cookbooks, he's an expert on prison cuisine.

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      This is an unfair characterization of the recipes in the series and any objective reading would deem it as such. While they do give you comfort food type recipes (I welcome them), they certainly don't comprise the majority of the contents. You're not going to cook Saveur recipes in thirty minutes- Everyday Food recipes you can, and they're good.

      If the recipes in this series, for example the kale/meatball/italian bean soup I had this week, are prison food, I've been spending time in the wrong prisons.

    2. The recipes are great, especially if you are a newer cook or need recipes that are easy to make during the week. I've been cooking long enough and seriously enough that there's nothing "new" for me in the magazines, but I do think they're a great resource.

      I think a microplane grater, rather than a "zester" (which to me means a little tool used only to strip bits of peel off of citrus) is a handy tool-- you can zest citrus rinds, albeit into smaller pieces than on a zester, as well as grate hard cheese, chocolate, nutmeg, ginger and garlic. I use mine all the time.

      1. I really like this magazine. Every recipe I've made from it has come out great. If you are looking for ideas for simple, quick meals - it is a great resource. (Much better than any of the Rachel Ray '30 minute meal' recipes IMHO). And although this may seem silly - I really like that it is 'digest' size - I can just throw it in my purse and bring it with me to the grocery store so I know what I need to buy.

        1. Agree with the other posters...nothing sophisticated or stuffy about the mag....but some good ideas for simple, fast dishes and meals. I didn't subscribe but I do pick it up often.....

          1. I think it's really good at what it tries to do--show how to cook easy, non-fancy, non-lame dishes. The part I like best is the section highlighting ingredients that are in season, when they're cheapest and best.

            And yeah, if they're throwing in a microplane, that's a good deal.