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Mar 11, 2005 01:48 PM

Silken tofu in place of dairy?

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Has anyone ever tried using silken tofu in place of dairy in recipes? I've used it to make a nice creamy pasta sauce by blenderizing it with some garlic and herbs. I've thought about trying it in a chicken paprikash recipe to replace the usual sour cream (to make it kosher). Anyone have any experience with this? Thank you.

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  1. Years ago I used to use in in smoothies, I could tell that the texture was different, more dense I guess you could say.

    1. This is not coming out of experience in actually doing this, but from a lot of tofu eating and tofu observation... but I don't think tofu emulsifies well, doesn't really melt, and will only subdivide into smaller and smaller "chunks". Perhaps soy milk, condensed may work better?

      1. A lapsed vegan friend of mine makes a chocolate mousse with silken tofu that is unbelievably decadent and good. Unless he tells you, you won't know you're eating tofu. Most amazing tofu recipe I've ever seen.

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          Can you get and post the recipe?? I have a vegan friend who I NEED to make that for. (Or by saying your friend is lapsed do you mean the recipe's not vegan?)


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            Color me dubious. I think tofu always tastes like tofu. I like it in its place, which is not in place of anything else.

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              I thought that until I had really fresh tofu. Wow, big difference.

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              This recipe is simplicity itself. We use Foley's brand semisweet choc chips which I prefer to Sunspire. In either case, read the ingredients if you want it absolutely vegan, no milk products sneaking in. This recipe makes a lot and uses syrups we have for espresso drinks but you can easily modify by upping the espresso or coffee and using regular vanilla. We serve it as pie with a nut crust and this amount makes 2 nine inch pies.

              4 cups choc chips (the vegan ones)
              double shot of espresso and mocha trio to 2/3 cup
              1 T vanilla syrup

              melt together in bowl over hot water, not in water

              2 blocks of silken tofu, drained of water

              Put tofu and melted chocolate mix in Vitamix or blender and liquefy smooth. Pour into pie shells and refrigerate until set, about two hours. Or serve as pudding/mousse.