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Mar 11, 2005 12:00 PM

Best Hints/Tips/Recipes from the Hounds!

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I'm a pretty good cook, who just recently has over come her fear of the oven. Now, thanks to this wonderful board, I've baked some wonderful things, including, last night my very first lasagna!

Thanks to this board, I discovered Barillas No Bake Noodles and followed the recipe on the side, With some modifications of course, it was a veggie lasagna, so I mixed in Sautéed Spinach in the Ricotta, and when I wanted to add jullianned Zucchini as my "meat", I followed the tip of heavily salting them in a colander and letting the strips drain over the sink... Everyone at my dinner party raved about the final outcome... YAY!!

Anyway, this is board has been SUCH a great help to me, and often folks as for the hints, recipes and advice, but never report back on the results. So please, share other great hints/tips/recipes you've gotten off the board!



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  1. Dommy-

    Barilla is the dry pasta that I always buy. You say "no bake" noodles, do you mean "no boil"? For what it's worth, when I prepare baked pasta dishes, I use regular, dry pasta and do not boil it. There is always enough moisture in the sauce I will throw in with it, and I'd rather have my dry pasta reconstituted with sauce instead of salted water.

    I make a killer baked rigatoni, using dry Barilla pasta, and I might be willing to share the recipe if you are interested.

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    1. re: Chino Wayne

      Hey Chino Wayne,

      I've often wondered about the need to boil pasta before putting it in a baked dish. Since you've done it often, perhaps you could answer a few questions? TIA

      -does the sauce need to have more liquid in it than you would use if you had pre-boiled your pasta?
      -does it take longer to bake?
      -do you bake at a different temperature?
      -does any part of the pasta ever come out undercooked?

      1. re: nooodles


        1. No extra liquid needed in the sauce.
        2. I usually bake it the same length of time, sometimes a little longer (have not quantified the difference, though).
        3. I bake at the same temperature (ranging from 350 to 375).
        4. Yes, some of (a very little bit) the pasta never comes in contact with any of the liquid, so that comes out, shall we say, "crisp". I figure if I spent the time mixing pasta and sauce, or properly ladling in sauce, I would not have that problem.

        I am always very careful about covering the baking vessel in three overlapping layers of foil, crimped tightly.

      2. re: Chino Wayne

        I'll take that rigatoni recipe! I never thought of not boiling the noodles for rigatoni - I've only tried that with lasagna. Makes sense though!

        1. re: Chino Wayne
          King of northern Blvd.

          I am also interested in this recipe...If you would be so kind as to share...I have never fooled around with non boiled dried pasta...

          1. re: Chino Wayne

            Ack!! Once again, you see the consequences of doing the post and dash from work... heh...

            Anyway, yeah, if you don't want to post the recipe here, please e-mail it to me! Thanks so much! :D


            1. re: Dommy!

              I'll post it here since you and some other 'hounds are interested. But remember everybody, this is now OUR SECRET RECIPE.

              1. re: Chino Wayne

                Am I missing something? I can't find the recipe you are talking about. Where above Chino Wayne?

                1. re: Fanny

                  Sorry, found it.