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Mar 11, 2005 08:37 AM

Cream Scone report

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I made Anne's Cream Scone recipe this morning. They were incredibly quick and easy, started at 6:48 and put them in the oven at 7:00. They were very good and my office mates are happy.

I only had 1 cup of cream less a couple of tablespoons. I used 1 egg yolk and skim milk to fill in the remainder. I made the choc chip version .

If you read the earlier scone thread, I would like to duplicate scones at a bakery in Flat Rock, NC. Anne's scones, although better than most, are still more like what I consider a traditional scone. They were cakier and more biscuit-like than the ones I am trying to copy, which are very crunchy on the outside. One definite difference is that my target scones are sweeter. I wonder if the additional sugar adds to the crunch. Or should I just give up copying a scone that was baked in a wood-fired brick oven?

Thank again Anne, and anyone who has further suggestions.

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  1. I'm glad you liked the scones. Extra sugar MAY contribute to extra crunch. I'm thinking you could probably try increasing the amount of sugar called for in my original recipe, although you may have to add a bit more cream as well. Also, you could try a heavier hand when sprinkling the top with the coarse sugar---I KNOW this increases the "crunch factor"!

      1. So this weekend I asked the baker what his ingredients were. Dry: flour, BROWN sugar, baking powder Wet: cream. very simple he says, plus an egg wash.

        I suppose the brown sugar is what gives the scone the yellow-ish color that I mistook for butter. I think the wood oven is the key for making the beautiful crispy crust.

        Of course, i didn't get measurements, so more experimenting will occur. I'm going to crank the heat to 500 next time and see what happens.