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Mar 10, 2005 05:34 PM

What do you cook when you don't feel like cooking?

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I love to cook, but sometimes all of a sudden I lose the energy to make what I want. (Like when I know the grocery store is going to be a mad house.) Or I start to think I am a freak for wanting to make extravagant meals for just myself to eat. So I want something simple, without having to order in. I know there is always the option of scrambled eggs and frittata and grilled cheese, but what else? What does everyone else do when they don't really feel like cooking, yet know they are going to anyway?

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  1. When I make something, I make 4-6x the recipe and freeze for future use (I once made 12 meatloaves at once!).

    For me, feeling hungry and feeling like cooking rarely happen simultaneously! This way I eat well every night, but only cook occasionally. "It's a good thing." :)

    (You can also freeze your grilled cheese sandwiches--taste nearly the same if reheated properly!)

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      I'm a big freezer person as well...I love having a half dozen great meals just waiting to be thawed out.

      But when I really really really don't want to cook but have nothing thawed, I make eggs benedict on cream biscuits with blender hollandaise. Fast, easy and the husband loves it.

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        how do you freeze grill cheese sandwiches, and how do you reheat them? on the stovetop in a pan? and are they just plain cheese - or do you freeze them with tomato, apple, or something else in them too? sounds good!

      2. That's how I feel today. The weather is gorgeous, and what I really want to do is lounge in the sun and have a drink or two. But I need to get to the gym, so no alcohol before night time!

        Aside from freezer food (which I love):

        Cold soba noodles are a standard on "no one wants to cook" days. You just boil them, shock them in ice water, add some prepared soba sauce (slightly flavored ponzu/soy), and sprinkle with some dried seaweed. It's more filling than a salad.

        Today, however, I'm going to make a very no-frills potato salad and enjoy with salt and vinegar Kettle Chips. A girl's gotta eat junk food once in awhile.

        1. My meal when I don't want to cook is often pasta with sauce and parmesan. Its not hearty but satisfying nonetheless.

          This works because when I make sauce I freeze it in ziplocs flat, the benefit being I can break-off chunks, just a cup or less if I want. If there is any leftover protein, you can just throw it in. Easy.

          1. The perfect dish for those times is a nice bowl of Spaghetti(or Linguine) Aglio Olio- served with some nice crusty bread and a nice bottle of wine.

            Or any other pasta dish where the sauce is ready by the time the water is boiling, but that one is my favorite by far.

            1. I always have bagels in the house. When I'm alone I like to make pizza bagels. I sometimes throw together a quick sauce. Sometimes I just slice tomatoe, sprinkle with grated cheese (or use whatever cheese I have in the fridge),oregano and a little olive oil. Then broil. So easy and satisfying.