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Mar 10, 2005 11:54 AM

Easter cake ideas??

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I'm trying to be organized this year so I'm planning out my Easter menu. I want to make a cake that will "wow" my guests. I'm thinking a layered coconut cake, something with lemon and strawberries? Anything springy and yummy. Any ideas that you would be willing to share? Thank you!

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    Caitlin wheeler

    Nigella Lawson has two recipes -- one her her Forever Summer Cookbook, and one in Feast for a kind of layer cake with meringue. The Meringue is baked directly onto the sponge cake layers, and then the whole thing is sandwiched together with whipped cream and either strawberries or lemon curd.

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      My mother bakes a coconut cake every year in a tin shaped like a lamb that she then decorates to look like a lamb, lying on a bed of green coconut grass. Sounds cheesy but it is actually quite good and always get a big "oooo ahh" from the table.

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        Ha! My mom does this, too! It's always a trick to keep the lamb's head on properly... Very tasty.

    2. First, of course, you start with a great recipe. Then you decorate to the hilt.

      Easter Basket Cake

      Here is a good recipe for both cake and frosting (make into a cake instead of cupcakes) > > >

      Bake in 8" layer cake pans (get baking time from somewhere), cut each layer in half and spread with lemon curd, then you have two layers again. Frost center layer and the top with coconut icing. See link below for decorating to make a basket weave base and coconut "grass" with candy and/or flowers and/or fruits on top. (I first decorate a cake like this in the late '70s-from a magazine cover idea
      See a picture (for basket weave base - not the recipe, but the cream cheese frosting noted above will hold up to the decor) and add adult decorations to the top (instead of what's shown) (marzipan eggs or ?items?, jelly beans, frosting flowers, fresh whole strawberries-maybe chcolate dipped fruit?) Color coconut green for "basket grass" and put lots of it on top of the cake. And, add a little lime zest to the coconut grass top. It will taste wonderful and look good.

      Add a basket handle (pipe cleaners and ribbon, or molded aluminum foil wrapped with ribbon and taped ends to point into the cake, or half circle cut styrofoam wrapped and then attached with wooden skewers, something like that)

      It might take a little time if you've not done it before. But, you can even buy and use Peeps on the top to save decor time (if you're doing that style).

      Note: you can also use a fork to make basket weave sides, but I'd color the frosting a brown color and make it look like a rough weave basket. The basket weave frosting tip is a neater look.

      I hope you like the idea.


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        Great idea! I just might attempt that. I love to bake and decorate so it sounds like a fun challenge. I'll report back. Thanks so much for the help!

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          Maybe INCREASE the frosting recipe by 1/2. Better to have too much than not enough.