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Mar 9, 2005 03:20 PM

Egg yolks

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I have a small bowl filled with about 6 egg yolks. Any ideas? Not mayo, please. I really don't want to feed them to the dog (but don't tell the dog I said so).

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  1. You can always freeze them for later use

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    1. re: AimeeP

      I think you need to add a little sugar or salt to make freezing work. Does anyone know?
      I never have leftover yolks, always whites.
      With an excess of yolks, I would make a custard, either sweet or savory.

      1. re: curiousbaker

        I have frozen them on their own with no problem. I don't use the frozen ones for baking afterward though. I add them to quiches, omlets, use them to thicken sauces etc.

        1. re: curiousbaker

          I just read today in the Cake Bible, you can freeze yolk and whites, for yolks add a bit of sugar so they are not gummy when you thaw and then you can add them to your baked goods but don't forget to allot for the sugar. (How 'bout molten chocolate cakes???)

      2. creme brulee anyone?

        1. j
          Jim Washburn

          Key lime pie.


          1. ice cream

            1. Sabayon/Zabaglione

              Lemon bar/lemon tart/lemon curd (some recipes call for whites, but there are plenty that use yolks only)

              Custard anything?

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              1. re: summertime

                Ahah! Lemon curd. Brilliant. I wanted something that would keep a little - not like a creme brulee that would have to be served right away. It's just me and my husband nowadays - and I can do without desserts unless we're having company. But lemon curd. I'll bet I can find a recipe that uses just yolks. And it would keep for a bit of time.


                1. re: Nyleve

                  Alton Brown's recipe for lemon curd that uses yolks-only - it is on

                  1. re: summertime

                    Excellent. Thank you.