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Fish or meatless or burger recipe needed

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I want to do a diner themed dinner for a friend for video night. I want to serve burgers but I am pretty sure she doesn't eat red meat anymore. I don't think she is a fan of the turkey burger either but I know that she loves salmon as well as good vegetarian food. Any ideas or recipes for a good yet healthy burger? BTW, I love salmon too.

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  1. Trader Joes has awfully good salmon burgers.

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      if you want to cook something decent as opposed to processed pap may I suggest using fresh fish as opposed to tinned?

      I'd go for some fresh tuna finely minced, combine with mayonaisse, s&p, coriander. shape it in to a burger and put on a griddle - fantastic

    2. I posted this on March 3rd and it may a solution to your non-red meat issue. If chiles (hot peppers) are not your thing, finely diced green or red bell pepper will suffice. Exact measurement of ingredients is not necessary...within reason, of course.

      Make tuna salad as a sandwich spread!

      Combine the 2 cans of Albacore tuna with 2 hard-cooked eggs in a bowl. Mix in the following condiment whose ingredients are listed below.

      8 diced peperoncini, stems removed.
      2 celery ribs, finely diced
      1 small onion, finely diced
      1 Tbsp. capers, diced with olives
      1/4 cup pimento-stuffed olives, diced

      When all ingredients are incorporated, add enough mayonnaise to make a smooth spread. Spread the mixture on good rye bread. Top with romaine lettuce.

      Voila! Tuna salad sandwich...

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        Sorry...don't mix all of the condiment with the tuna, just a couple of tablespoons of it or as much as you think is needed.

        The net weight of the canned tuna is 6 ounces each.

      2. We've recently been working on the salmon cake using the canned salmon. They turn out very decently, though we're still working on the correct egg/bread crumbs ratio. There are many recipes out there, including on the cans.

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          Wayne Keyser

          Diners also served hot dogs - turkey dogs, maybe?

          What else brings the "Diner" theme to mind .... French Fries - Apple Pie a la mode - creamed chipped (something) on toast - deli sandwiches (turkey pastrami).

          1. I have tried tuna 'burgers' made from fresh tuna and thought the results were fine - canned would have worked just as well and at much less expense.

            Salmon burgers are also simple from a can - be sure to pick one that has no skin. I accidentally picked a can up and to my dismay when I opened it the skin and scales were mixed through the salmon - what a mess!

            I usually mix dijon, some lemon juice, dill, red onion, minced seeded habenero and chopped capers with the salmon. Form it into cakes pat lightly with flour and cook on a non-stick pan.

            You can also do a more Asian style burger with ginger, soy or fish sauce, cilantro etc. and press sesame seeds onto the burger before cooking. I did these with crab cakes a few nights ago with great results. This might be off of the diner theme though.

            You can also do turkey or veggie BLTs.

            Accompany what you choose with microwave potato chips or oven baked fries

            1. I know you asked for a recipe, but these are so good, I've stopped looking for one...If you're near a Trader Joe's, they sell *amazing* frozen salmon burgers. They're something like 4 for $3.89, and they're big...

              Moist, juicy, flavorful, and they really have a burgery mouthfeel...Make sure you get their burgers, not their patties, which are a totally different experience...

              Link: http://www.bistrodraw.com/Furniture.htm

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                Just curious G.G. how do you accesorize your salmon burgers????

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                  Nothing novel, I'm afraid..A piece of lettuce, a slice of tomato, and some kind of designer mustard; honey/mustard is good, served on toasted Tuscan bread, also from TJ's...

                  They take 3 minutes a side in a hot cast-iron skillet, straight from the freezer...

                  Link: http://www.bistrodraw.com/Furniture.htm

              2. I've been experimenting with this version of a salmon burger. It's not too bad and you can vary the quantitiy of ingredients to suit your individual tastes, plus it's pretty darned healthy

                In the small bowl of a food processor pulse until finely chopped and combined:

                1 egg white
                1 Tbl. fresh ginger
                1-2 garlic cloves
                1 tsp. wasabi powder
                1/4 tsp. red pepper flakes
                1 tsp. dijon mustard
                salt and pepper to taste

                Skin and remove the bones from a 12 oz. (+/-) fresh salmon filet and cut salmon into chunks. Add to food processor and pulse only until the salmon is minced, don't let it get completely pulverized. The mixture should yield 2 very generous salmon burgers or 3 normal burgers.

                Shape into burgers about 1/2" thick. Shaping can be a bit of a problem since this is a light, delicate mixture, but it should stick together relatively well once you get the shape you want. Egg white is the binder and it holds things together like glue pretty well.

                Lightly coat with your choice of , sesame seeds - or - flour, shaking off excess flour so that they are really only dusted with the flour, or leave plain. Spray a non-stick saute pan with pan release and heat to very hot a small amount of oil, add salmon burgers and cook for about 3 minutes on each side. Serve plain or on a bun with the usual condiments and wasabi mayo.

                If you elect to leave the salmon burger plain and not dust with flour or coat with sesame, you can broil the burger.

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                  A person after my own heart with some heat. Wasabi, gingerroot, and red pepper flakes should give the burgers quite a kick. Oddly enuff, I've got these ingredients in the house. I copied this recipe.