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Mar 7, 2005 01:16 PM

rotiserie grill

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I am considering purchasing a rotiserie such as Showtime. Some people love them, others,say they hardly use them..Any thouts pro, cons? Thsnks

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  1. I love mine.
    I would say that I use it 1-2 times a month. I have never had a bad experience with it at all.

    It truly is 'set it and forget it'!
    I have the showtime, by the way. It cleans up easily and the tray that catches the drippings makes making gravy easy and it all cleans up very easily.
    Give it a try!

    1. We use our Showtime rotisserie a few times a month for roasting chicken or boneless pork loin. I've used it to do spare ribs and the occasional standing rib roast, as well. The thing simply doesn't fail. It's incredibly easy to use and clean, too.

      The only negative I can come up with is that it takes up a lot of room on the counter top, so I keep it up high and have to get my husband to get it down and put it back for me. (I have a typical closet-size NYC apartment kitchen.) But we love the results of cooking in it so much that he doesn't mind getting up on a ladder every so often.

      1. My experience is that the Showtime rotisserie does and excellent job on anything about 8 lbs or under. However, that turkey they cook in the infomercial: that's likely to be unpleasantly dry on the outside before it's fully done on the inside. This is less of a problem for a larger cut beef or lamb if you want it rare.

        The biggest problem with the Showtime is that it gets extremely hot on the outside. (That is why you are able to cook vegetables on the top.) I would not recommend using one in a household with active and curious children.

        1. Best purchase that I ever made - I have given away six of them for xmas gifts (look at for refurbs - I picked up those six for the smaller model for $30 each, and the larger model for $50). Best leg of lamb, chicken, roast, etc. However - if doing something like a turkey in the big one, put the turkey in a brine solution for a day or so in the fridge. You probably will also want to put in galic water (garlic & water in a vitamix or mixer) and some liquid smoke as well as whatever..... I used to spend hours worrying about the turkey for family dinners. No longer - works out great. Have even catered a few for people at work who are kitchen illiterate. Since my son hates fish I do not get a chance to do as much with it as I want, but the racks do work out great for salmon and tuna. Do not get the accessories that fir on top for cooking food (above the unit). I have a built in gas grill & rotisserie in the kitchen, but do not bother with it anymore - just use the Ronco.

          Experimented with a gyro once - it actually worked out great. Only issue was the constant cutting and feeding people not leaving me with much time to enjoy myself.
          My father who is on a fixed income had been purchasing the cooked chickens from his grocery store - no longer - the smaller unit that I gave him has saved him a lot of money and he likes being able to put on his own spices. Also get the barrel for wings. I thought that it was a gimmick until I saw one at a Goodwill store and tried it out.