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Mar 7, 2005 12:23 AM

ISO really good schmaltz recipe

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Thanks to all who sent such great ideas for my Russian Jewish Gourmet Club.

Though I love my homemade butter, schmaltz it is.

Russian Black Bread and schmaltz! Yummmm.

And a delicious Smoked Trout Pate from Joyce Goldstein, just because it's SOOO good.

(we're NOT doing Kosher, btw).

So, you might have a good recipe for schmaltz?

From the Jewish Food Archive I found one that doesn't give quantities, per se, though I could probably figure it out. But, this little goyam needs some help.

Thanks again in advance.

Oh, I'm happy to send along the Pate recipe. It's fabulous.

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  1. Schmaltz is simply rendered chicken fat. No quantities necessary - cut up pieces of raw chicken skin and fat, put in heavy frying pan over low heat and when you have lquid fat (don't let the fat brown), you have schmaltz. The little crispy bits (cracklings) that are left in the pan are called "gribenes" in Yiddish -it's worth every clogged artery to indulge! You only end up with about 2 tsps worth from a whole pan of schmaltz. Some people add onions once the fat starts to render. Leftover schmaltz can be frozen.

    FYI, "goyim" is plural.

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    1. re: JRL


      Thanks. I thought I may have gotten the term wrong. What is the proper way of saying it?

      I've rendered chicken fat before by frying. The recipe I have says boil a microwave. I like yours better. And I think I will add the onions towards the end. The gribenes sound like chicharones, which I LOVE.

      What's the phontetics of gribenes, btw? Is it 'gribbons?"

      Thanks again.

      1. re: tom in sf

        It's gribbon-es, with the accent on the grib. The singular of goyim is goy. You might ask about "recipes" on the kosher board as well.

        I slice a small onion and add early on in the melting process. I am not sure if you can still buy chicken fat by the pound from a kosher (or non-kosher) butcher.

        I believe you are right about the similiarity to the Mexican treat.
        Good luck, p.j.

        1. re: p.j.

          Grib-eh-ness. Pronounce every letter. And although you may be a "goy", I think "shaygetz" (non-Jewish young man) is more appropriate. Good luck with your dinner! L'Chaim!

        2. re: tom in sf

          I agree with LBQT about shaygetz. Goy/goyim (pronounced exactly as spelled)has a somewhat pejorative connotation. And pj and LBQT about pronunciation.
          Yup - gribenes are the chicken version of pork chicharones. Yum!

          I've never heard of boiling the chicken fat/skin, espcially in a microwave - I imagine the fat would explode all over.

          You can also obtain chicken fat from making chicken soup, though whether you want to use it will depend on the flavors in your soup and how clear it skims off. If you use a whole chicken (or parts) vs. carcass and you skim the fat off when done, you have very usable chicken fat.

          It keeps - no matter which method - in the freezer.

          Happy fressing (stuffing one's face!)!