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Mar 5, 2005 09:30 AM

Fermented Tofu

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On impulse the other night I purchased a jar of fermented tofu. What do I do with it???? I opened it, tasted, while the texture is fine it is very salty and cleary not to be eaten alone!!! Help!!

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  1. I've had it as a condiment along with a hot pot (boiling broth in which you can cook noodles, meat, fish, greens, etc.).

    1. You can also stirfry it with chinese greens such as (I lack the knowledge of the english terminology) what would generally be referred to as "dao miu" and "tung choi" in Cantonese.

      1. I like to fry 1" pieces of bacon and eggplant and stir in the fermented tofu with chilies to finish.

        1. I'm not sure if I thinking of the same thing but I love it with congee!

          1. Thanks for the replies, the greens idea and the bacon and eggplant sound yummy...called by bestfriend earlier today and she said roughly the same idea-pork and eggplant...I'll give it a whirl!