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Mar 4, 2005 06:38 PM

spaetzle or german side??

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Friend is having potluck. She is making wienershnitzel. I am to bring a starch. Shall I make spaetzle? Would they hold/ reheat? Is there a German/Austrian starch with better holding power? (Not for girlie men, I mean...)

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  1. My Viennese step mom always takes the left over "batter" ingredients from the schnitzel prep and makes pancake things. In same vein, a potato pancake would be nice since you are bringing from your kitchen not from the prep kitchen. We always definately add a cabbage side that is sweet/sour - either cold slaw or warm red cabbage usually.

    1. Sure they will. Just boil them. Bring them to the party and saute them in butter until crunchy and slightly browned. Then serve.

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        yes, my mother in law does the same thing, but she also adds plain bread crumbs in the saute. adds another nice texture - crunch.

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          Cheese on top of the sauteed spatzel is wonderful

      2. I'm partial to Semmelknoedel, and it's really easy to make. Good with a meat course and Weissbier, etc.

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          Only if you have some gravy to go over the dumplings. And if you are serving schnitzel, gravy is a natural side dish.