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Mar 4, 2005 05:48 PM

Pina colada dilemma

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Friend is having a pina colada night tomorrow and, by mistake, she bought solid block creamed coconut instead of the canned stuff. Don't ask - it's a long story. Anyway, we live in a small town that doesn't have the right kind, but does have canned coconut milk. Is there any way to use either the block creamed coconut or canned coconut milk or...a combination of the two to make pina coladas? Prefer not to have to drive back into larger town to exchange for the right stuff.

Any favourite recipes?

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  1. If you go into "almost" any store now you can find "Coco Lopez" in a blue can. It should be by the liquor area, next to margarita mixes (sometimes by the Kool-Aid?) and such.

    I've found it in my supermarket, my drugstore & most liquor stores.

    It's the best for making pina coladas! Just make sure to use equal amounts of the solid white coconut and the sugar syrup that sits underneath it in the can. A shot of heavy cream make it very rich also.

    pina colada recipe
    - half can of coco lopez cream de coconut(equal solids & equal syrup)
    - one 16 oz can of Dole pineapple chunks in syrup
    - about one shot of heavy cream
    - about 3-4 cups of ice (enough to fill the rest of the blender)

    Add a couple of shots of Myers Rum if you like, I like Midori (melon liqueur) for a change sometimes. Garnish with a pineapple chunk on the rim or since we’re there already, a maraschino cherry.

    p.s. I'm sorry I can't help you with your original post, I don't think I've heard of "solid block creamed coconut" before.
    p.s.s. I haven't had luck with using coconut milk, it just didn't taste right to me. It's better reserved for making curry.


    1. Cant help you with the solid block deal but I might add that my MIL once added a big scoop of vanilla ice cream to our pina collada and it rocked.

      1. j
        JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)

        I *think* I would use a combination of the two, I don't have any experience with coconut by the block, but if you can blend some of that into the coconut milk until it gets a thick, creamy consistency, you should be in business.

        My favorite pina is the one they made at my old job- vanilla and coconut rum in the pina, with a float of myer's dark. Do not attempt to operate heavy machinery, drive, or tango after more than two.

        1. your block may just be creamed coconut the is at room temp. Coconut is very high in fat and it will solidify at lower temps. Aproduct like coco lopez (which makes the best pia coladas) will also harden.