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Mar 4, 2005 03:21 PM

Bread Machine Mixes/Altering

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I need guidance here. I inherited a bread machine from a friend with no manual. I've done searches online for the manual with no luck. What I knew before this morning was that it's a Panasonic Bread Bakery.

What I know this afternoon is that it produces a 1 lb. loaf. I know this because I bought a bread machine mix for a large 1 1/2 lb mix and well, and it mushroomed over and now I'll be going to the hardware store for a strong wire brush. The model number is SDBT55P.

My question is this--most of the bread machine mixes out there appear to be for 1 1/2 lb loaves. Does anyone have any recommendations on how much mix and yeast to pull back on to get a 1 lb loaf. Should I just divide into 3 and set aside a 1/3?

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  1. Check Amazon for a used copy of Electric Bread. The 2nd. edition is for the newer larger capacity machines, but one of the older books might be just what you are looking for. Your library might have a copy that you can take a look at before buying.

    1. Yes, for the non-yeast solids.

      As for the liquids, you probably should cut back just about 1/5 - 1/4, rather than 1/3.

      You probably don't need to adjust the yeast (or if you do, it won't be more than a 1/4 difference). Typically, in bread machine recipes, the recipes specify 1.5 to 2 teaspoons of yeast, and usually equally for 1.5 versus 1 lb versions of the recipes; occasionally, you see 2t for the larger loaf, and 1.5t for the smaller version, but it is much more common for the amounts to be the same.

      That's because the smaller machine usually has a shorter rising time, so the rising time adjusts for the difference rather than the amount of yeast.

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        Great advice!

        I'll give it a try. The ease of dumping everything into a bin and pressing a button/timer and hours later having fresh bread is wonderful.


      2. This is too simple to worry about. For a one pound loaf, use two cups bread flour, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp sugar and 1 tsp active yeast. 3/4 cups water should do it. I usually check the dough texture to make sure it is very soft and sticky. If you want a softer bread, add 1 tblsp butter and 1 egg.