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Mar 3, 2005 06:54 PM

Small kitchen appliances

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Not sure if this post belongs on this board, but I guess I'll find out soon enough. Can anyone recommend a decent toaster-oven? (Does not have to be convection, although I would consider that). Ideally it should toast evenly and be easy to clean. Also, it has to be available in that chrome finish. I'm also interested in a new microwave, but all I do with that is re-heat stuff, so any recs on a good, not-necessarily frill-loaded would be appreciated. Also need one that comes with a chrome finish. (Just did a little bit of work on my small kitchen and now want things to match and look clean and sleek).
Oh, one last thing, I don't have a huge amount of counter space, so huge items would not work.
Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Can't help you on the toaster oven...I am still using an ancient, very low tech one from the 1980's. (It seems to me toaster ovens have gotten taller/bigger since then.)

    On the microwaves, if you can do without the chrome, some small-space options include the Samsung Round Front microwave, at a mere 16 inches wide.

    Or you can also get a tiny Sharp Half-Pint Microwave off of ebay or craigslist as they have been discontinued for a while now. If you are patient enough, you might be able to get one in purple, blue, orange, green, or red if black or white aren't your cup of tea.


    1. I'm thrilled with the combination microwave/toaster oven that I received for Christmas. I was a little wary at first because a few years ago it seemed that they started making these combos, but with bad results. However, though I haven't used all the different functions, it has done very well for me. The bread really does get a nice brown toasty color (though it may take a little longer than a conventional toaster), and the microwaving function is, of course, fine. This one also has a "baking" function--I baked off a couple of those pre-made frozen biscuits in 11 minutes, with puffy, golden results.

      I linked to the product website (Sharp) below; I also saw that Wal-mart has it online for under $117. It's not chrome, but the front is stainless steel, which might still match your decor. (The sides are black, which doesn't bother me, despite the fact that I'm usually fussy about that sort of thing).

      It's easy to clean, though not as easy as a toaster oven (you can't exactly lift and shake, or open the "crumb tray" that most toaster ovens have). It's also on the small side, capacity-wise. I can toast 3 largish slices of bread at a time. But, the combo would certainly take up less counter space (I love that part!), and the nice thing is that, unlike conventional microwaves, you can use metal while reheating (make sure to read the directions, though). It's also surpisingly intuitive for something that has so many functions.