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Mar 3, 2005 02:09 PM

teriyaki sauce recipe

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How can I make this sauce from scratch, that's not to salty or to sweet?

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  1. My recipe is really good, I generally create it in the pan when whatever I'm sauteeing is almost done. I'll add some minced shallots, cooking them until it has softened, then I add minced ginger, and equal parts Mirin (sweet rice wine) and Soy Sauce.

    Quantities vary depending on what I'm cooking, but that should give you a good start. :)

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      the food guy

      Here's the best one that I've ever made.

      Teriyaki Sauce

      ½ cup soy sauce
      ¼ cup sesame oil
      ¼ cup rice vinegar
      ¼ cup sugar ( try brown sugar )
      1 TBS Hoisin sauce
      1 tsp (or more) of grated fresh ginger
      1 clove minced garlic

      Combine and use as marinade or sauce.

      1. We make teriyaki sauce for marinating steak. There are just 5 ingredients. The following amounts are enough to marinate 2 Delmonico steaks.

        3/4 cup soy sauce
        3/4 cup dry vermouth
        1 Tbsp. brown sugar
        several cloves of garlic, sliced
        several thin slices of fresh gingerroot

        Make this sauce several hours before using so that the flavors blend. Marinate the steaks for 45 minutes before broiling or grilling. If you want to use some of the marinade as a dipping sauce, either set some aside before marinating the meat or bring the marinade to a boil after marinating the meat and let it cool.

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          This is the recipe I use, too. I also add some frest lemon juice. If I am going to grill a london broil, I sometimes let the steck marinate overnight. Delicious!!