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Mar 3, 2005 12:10 PM

french fries without a fryalator?

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Is it possible to do?

If so, what oil to use?

muchas gracias!

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    Wayne Keyser

    If you're willing to "budge" a little from stick shape, I get excellent results like this (probably healthier too):

    Wash and cut potatoes lengthwise into (approximately) two-bite size. That means small potatoes should be quartered, larger ones cut in half and then cut into three or four long pieces per half. Leave skin on (you may prefer to peel first, I don't).

    Microwave in a very small amount of water, covered, until just barely soft enough to eat without saying "this one isn't done." Remove potatoes to paper towels to get rid of most of the water.

    Finish in 350' hot oil in batches, being careful to watch initial foaming due to any remaining water clinging to the potatoes. Remove when just barely light brown - they will continue to brown some after you remove them to fresh paper towels to drain. Add salt and enjoy.

    I know you probasbly stopped reading when you saw the word "microwave," but the resulting potatoes are really well-fried without being greasy and without losing (to my perception) any quality - think of them as really BIG steak fries (you need the size to avoid breakage during post-microwave handling).

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      Agree with you on pre-cooking potatos with the microwave before the final prepartion. I find for breakfast homefries and sometimes my husband's fried Indian potatos all work really well.

      It just cuts down on the stove top time. I see/taste no difference.

    2. ah yes, one of life's eternal mysteries......

      I've more or less given up and now make the frozen, store-bought french fries in the oven. One alternative, that is time consuming but produces good results, is to back a number of potatoes until they are cooked through and let cool. Then, I slice them into relatively thin slivers and fry them in oil. They are good, but perhaps not exactly what you are looking for.....

      1. I am not sure I understand your question.

        Is it possible to do? Yes, cooking french fries is possible to do without a fryalator. A fryalator is a model/brand of commercial deep fryers ?. You could use another brand, or are you using the term fryalator the way some use the name kleenex ? You could use a dutch oven, stock pot or large (3 qt) sauce pan and use a candy thermometer. There are also home use self contained deep fat fryers available.

        If so, what oil to use? Canola or peanut.

        Lately, the best fries I have found are Sysco's Generation 7.