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No Guilt - oil based cakes

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I find that my favorite cakes are made with oil, the guilt comes with using butter. Do you have any great recipes?

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    1. There are a lot of good ones in Jewish cookbooks because kosher cooking prohibits mixing meat and dairy ingredients in the same meal (meaning that the dessert following a meat meal must be non-dairy). A good place to start is "A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking" by Marcy Goldman.

      1. Yenni, have you ever tasted Jewish Apple Cake? Most recipes that I've ever seen for it have oil only, not any butter or shortening. I have a recipe also if you'd like it but "googling" brings up a bunch of them.

        1. yenni,
          i made this olive oil tea cake from epicurious a couple of years back for christmas gifts. it was delicious!



          1. The olive oil and Sauternes cake from Chez Panisse Desserts by Lindsay Shere is also very good. I believe other sweet wines work well; I might even have made it with something else, but it was decades ago.

            1. Jamie Oliver's beetroot and fresh ginger cake is delicious (he calls it a "pudding") ... ingredients include polenta and honey. From the Jamie's Kitchen book.

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                Could you paraphrase that here, please - it sounds fascinating!


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                  will post the paraphrased recipe w/in a couple days

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                The recipe for chocolate cake on the back of the can of Hershey's cocoa is extra-moist and delicious, and you can feel virtuous eating it.

                Sometimes I substitute buttermilk for the milk and brown sugar for the granulated, for a fudgey chocolate cake.

                Actually, you can leave out the cocoa and double the vanilla for a yellow cake; or omit the cocoa, omit the vanilla, and add spices for a spice cake; or omit the cocoa, double the vanilla, and substute dark brown sugar for the granulated for a butterscotch cake -- I've tried all these variations and they all work.

                1. Italians frequently use oil instead of butter in their recipes - most italian cookbooks would work for your purpose.

                  There is a an italian-jewish desserts cookbook by Eda Machlin which has plenty of those - they are a bit old-fashioned, but good.