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Mar 2, 2005 03:54 PM

Uses for shitakes?

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The flavor of shitakes is wonderful and around here (Northern California), the price is a good bit lower than that for other non-button varieties, but when I saute or stir-fry them, the resulting texture/mouth feel is a bit "slimy". Shitakes make fabulous duxelles and mushroom soup, but I'd be grateful for additional recipe suggestions or methods for sauteeing.

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  1. Put them on with your oil and don't move them at all except to check one to see if it's brown yet. When it's brown, flip and repeat.

    1. Here one thing we have done with shitake mushrooms after removing stems we "stuffed" them with a fish paste (available at Asian Markets). After you layer the paste on the bottom of the mushroom you pan fry it on both sides. A nice touch when served with stuffed eggplant, tofu and peppers. Quick and easy. I will have to post the recipe next we make it. Sorry to say I cook from the hip but now I am starting to write down what comes naturally.

      1. I use them in my chicken or veal marsala.

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          sally from LA

          They are wonderful in risotto

          1. I slice them (for some reason it doesn't taste as good when chopped!) and use them in place of meat when making tomato sauce for baked pasta dishes.