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Mar 2, 2005 12:15 PM

Cake Flour?

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I feel like this is a dumb question. . . Is "cake flour" called something else. I am making an angel food cake that calls for cake flour and I can't seem to find it in the supermarket (in Brooklyn - Met Food & Key Food), the health food store, or "gourmet" store (Grace's Marketplace.) Is it imperative or will all purpose do fine? Thanks.

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  1. You need the cake flour. You may be overlooking it in the grocery store because it is in a box not a bag like regular flour. Two big names are Swan's Down (I think is the General Mills product) and Soft as Silk by Pillsbury. You maybe overlooking the boxes dismissing them as cake mixes.

    If you use A-P flour you will have a tougher cake.

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    1. re: Candy

      Supposedly you can use 2 tbs. less AP flour per cup cake flour as a general substitution but I have to defer to others' opinions about using it in angel food cake specifically. (I've never made it and don't eat it except under duress:) )

      I don't understand the Brooklyn thing, either, but my mother can't get it in her neighborhood either. The Swan's Down is all over the place in my neighborhood in Manhattan, though, so keep looking, it's definitely distributed as a "regular store" item in these parts.

      1. re: MikeG

        That's so funny about the "Brooklyn thing" . . . I often imagine having to make special trips to Manhattan (Fairway, Gourmet Garage) and then I think that is crazy -- that I SHOULD be able to get anything in Brooklyn too!

        Thanks for suggestions.

        1. re: Sammy

          I'm sure it's available there somewhere (as are a lot of things most people think of going to Manhattan for), but if you live near a subway line and don't have a car, it's usually easier to just go to Manhattan if it's not actually in your own neighborhood.;)

          FWIW, Fairway certainly has it, a bit cheaper than most supermarkets, but it's not the sort of thing Gourmet Garage is likely to carry. Food Emporium must have it and there's a pretty big one at Union Square if you find yourself in that area. There's also a (sort of oddly placed) supermarket on 57th St. near Broadway, another area you might find yourself in without making a special trip.

        2. re: MikeG

          Where are you finding it in Manhattan? In my neighborhood (23rd st. & 1st ave.) almost nobody stocks it.....

      2. Cake flour is made from wheat that is high in starch (low in protein). Protein provides structure, starch provides tenderness.

        You can use all purpose, but substitute 2 tablespoons of cornstarch for each cup of all purpose. For each cup of all purpose, remove two tablespoons of AP, then add two tablespoons of cornstarch.