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Mar 2, 2005 04:18 AM

need chocolate cake receipe with fruit fillings

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i'm looking for a tried and loved chocolate cake receipe. i saw some discussions about raspberry choco cake down below but was really thinking of more unusual pairings like chocolate/banana, chocolate/pear or even chocolate/apricot

my boyfriend and i are both dark chocolate fiends and i'd like to make this for our anniversary in two weeks. Any help/suggestions would be very much appreciated. thank you


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  1. Sachertorte is a classic chocolate/apricot combination. Here is a highly rated Epicurious recipe, but even the editors admit the cake is dry, so if you like a moist North American-type chocolate cake this may not be for you.


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      or, here's an old-fashioned chocolate cake recipe that's easy, moist, and very dense/fine textured, so it can be split into thin layers, and will stand up to soaking with syrup. Ot's also easy to halve:

      4 c. AP flour
      4 tsp. baking soda
      2 tsp. baking powder
      1 ½ c. cocoa
      4 c. sugar
      2 c. hot coffee
      2 c. milk
      2 c. vegetable oil
      2 tsp vanilla
      4 eggs

      Blend dries together in mixer bowl

      Pour in and beat everything but eggs

      Then beat in eggs,

      Pour into prepared pans about 1/2 full, and
      Bake at 350

      This makes a lot of batter - and is easily halved. I've done so many batches in such differnt pans, I can hardly remember the standard yield: 4 9" round layers? at least? you can always make cupcakes with extra batter.

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        oh i think i'm gonna have to try both of these, dryness is not an issue, all i'm really looking for is intense flavor combos that pop. these cakes sound so heavenly...thank you guys

    2. I don't know if this is what you are looking for since the cake itself isn't chocolate, but I make a banana cake in small bundt pans with a ganache poured over them. It is one of my favorite desserts (actually so much so that our wedding cake was banana cake with a chocolate ganache frosting).

      1. The chocolate cake on Epicurious in the constant comment section (it has a permanent spot I think)is wonderful, tried and true and appeals to everyone. I make this all of the time and it comes out great. You could play around and use any filling you want although I do use the ganache frosting. It is the cake you envision eating with a huge glass of milk!

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          Can you tell me where or what the 'constant comment' section is on epicurious? I've been going to epicurious for years and cannot find the section you're talking about but am very interested in the cake you mention....Thanks!

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            They've changed their web page a bit but if you go to recipes on the top of the page and let the mouse sit a sec. it will pull down a menu and buzz box is there, it is in that section. Double chocolate layer cake is the name of it I think. If you have trouble I can check again and send it to you!!

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              Found it - Thanks!!

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              Oops, its under find a recipe, next to recipe box, on the right hand side!!

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              Caitlin wheeler

              FYI -- this is called the Double Chocolate layer cake and I've made it with fresh raspberries in the filling and it's very good and very rich.

            4. One of my favourite choco cake-fruit combos is a chocolate gateaux filled with fresh whipped cream and ripe sliced pears - delicious combination!

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                wow sounds delish - would you happen to know a recipe for this or give pointers on where i can find one? thanks