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GE Monogram kitchen stuff--any good?

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anyone have any experience with this stuff, GE's attempt to break into the Viking/Wolf stratosphere?
much obliged

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  1. I've had a Monogram 5 burner gas cooktop for over 14 years. It might have been one of their first. It has served me very well and I have few complaints. But, among them are the downdraft vent at the back of the cooktop is not very efficient that may be because how far the draft has to pull to get the steam and smoke out of the house. If I had known it was going to be a problem I would have put the cooktop against the wall and the sink in the island. The other problem I have had is that it is a sealed cooktop and the enamel on the burner pans has chipped quite a bit on the burners I use most and there is no way to fix them. It is almst time for a new one though and I will probably go backto Monogram again.

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      I was so excited to buy the Monogram dual fuel range with the griddle. Imagine my embarrassment when I unpacked it and had it installed in my new kitchen and I realized that it doesn't even come with a timer! No probe, no delay bake, and the the smallest oven isn't self cleaning. Yes I should have checked these things when I paid the 6k but I assumed that such a pricey "professional" range would come with every bell and whistle. It cooks wonderfully, but the convenience factors are missing - my bad.

    2. Sister's family has the GE Monogram side-by-side refrigerator. They hate it. Too shallow, doesn't hold that much.

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        it's probably counter depth. That's the price you pay for the look of counter depth (I should know, I paid the price myself). But I don't think that's the fault of GE; it's just the way it is.

      2. I've had a GE monogram double oven for the last 11 years and I bake and roast constantly. It has worked perfectly, never a problem. I find it to be very reliable and temp. perfect.

        1. My parents had the dishwasher and hated it. It leaked so badly you had to dry the dishes after rinsing but before putting them in (why she bothered is beyond me). I think it had other problems as well. Also, the customer service on it was terrible, they couldn't/dudn't help her at all.

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            I second complaints on the dishwasher. I have the 18'' W dishwasher. I stopped draining after the 4th time I used it. I need to call the repairman. What a pain.

          2. For the past two years I have had a kitchen full (built-in fridge, oven, microwave, cooktop) of the stuff, and have been very happy with it. The most striking thing has been the excellent customer service. I've called for service twice (once a hinge on the oven that probably broke in installation and once a funny noise in the fridge that seems to have all been in my head). Both times I made the appointment online, received a confirmation phone call, and then had the repair person show up right on time. They were both courteous and efficient. We're currently building a new house, and will use GE Monogram again.

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              Terri, do you know anything about the differences in the 30" monogram dbl oven vs the 30' Profile.

            2. I've worked in kitchens with Monogram wall ovens and have always found them to work exceptionally well. I was particularly impressed with their newest models.

              On the other hand, the configuration of the built in refrigerators leaves a lot to be desired. The brackets that hold the shelves up really interfere with the placement of food on the shelf below.

              1. Coming late to the question here, but GE was so good to me on a range that I had to give them kudos. Not long out of warranty, two of my electronic ignitions died. They had a repairman out to replace them all for free -- even though they really didn't have to under the terms of the warranty. My range outcooks my mom's Thermador by a mile. The oven is much more even and the burners are faster. I'd buy anything from GE again in a heartbeat.

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                  I'd like to know if anyone has the professional GE MONOGRAM rangetop and if they are happy with it? I plan on buying the side by side 48 in built in fridge, the advantium and the convection oven as well.

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                    avignon--did you buy the ge monogram rangetop..I am thinking about it

                2. I am also looking at the GE Monogram 36" Dual Fuel Range.
                  Any thoughts.

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                    Bumping this thread to ask Monogram double oven owners if fan noise is a consistent problem or specific to a few unfortunate owners. I would appreciate any answers as I need to buy a double oven soon and I have been given a fantastic deal on a GE Mono.

                  2. I have a kitchen full of Monogram appliances, all about 3 months old -- bottom freezer 36" refrigerator, 36" cooktop and downdraft, double oven and dishwasher. I love the cooktop and the ovens - they have tons of power and have done great so far.

                    Just after it was installed, I had a question about my dishwasher and the technician who came out was actually able to tell us that my plumber failed to properly hook up the drain pipe. He saved us many thousands of dollars by catching that mistake!

                    The refrigerator, however, will not hold a steady temperature. Most days, the temperature is somewhere in the mid 40s though we often go for a several day stretch where the temperature remains at 50. Once in a while, it bounces back down to 39 degrees but it rarely stays there. The freezer is usually somewhere around -20 degrees. GE has not been able to solve the problem; I have had 5 visits by 3 or 4 different technicians and no one can figure it out. We replaced the computer on the unit and that still did not solve it. My contacts with customer service have been touch and go; sometimes they are understanding and helpful and sometimes it seems like they couldn't care less and just want me out of their hair. So far, however, I still don't have a working fridge.

                    1. Since April 2010 -- have been using the GE Mondogram wine fridge, 36 inch dual fuel oven -- range, vent fan thing, advantium, warming drawer, and wall oven. Happy with all. No issues. Purchased this because same look anbd performance (I think) as wolf, viking etc. but thousands of dollars (overall) less expensive. Did not order the bev fridge due to neg reviews. Seems that GE mono uses its wine fridge as the base for the bev fridge so does not cool enough. Have a U Line -- works nicely. Did not order the GE mono fridge bec already had a new SS whirlpool gold -- pre - renovation. Works like a charm. Finally -- did not order GE dishwashers bec. of neg reviews on those. Went with SS Kitchen Aid (2x) -- cost about $700 bucks each. Very happy with those.

                      1. i just dropped north of 10K on Monogram appliances. Most seem OK but the hood fan insert is a disaster. So loud you can't have a conversation in the entire kitchen not just at the cooktop. A definite "don't buy". Have gotten little satisfaction so far in trying to get some resolution of the problem and keep getting told that this is "normal". OK if it's normal tell folks in advance that this is a LOUD unit.

                        1. We bought a dishwasher, microwave, cooktop, oven, refrigerator and wine refrigerator just 5 years ago. The microwave died after a year, the dishwasher literally melted one night (good thing we smelled the chemical smoke), the oven never worked at all despite being serviced twice and tonight our cooktop made a loud pop (like a gunshot sound) and emitted chemical smoke causing burns to my hands when trying to turn it off. (I have also had the cooktop serviced twice). After this experience, I am replacing the remaining appliances which have not yet melted to save my home and health from further damage by GE Monogram appliances.

                          1. I recently purchased the single wall oven. The first one installed did not work at all. None of the controls would operate properly. When I would set the control to broil, I would get proof. If I tried to bake, I got nothing. After GE insisting on trying to fix it by replacing 4 parts, they finally came to the same conclusion - the oven did not work. They did replace it within a short period of time.

                            The second oven I received, appeared to work properly. I was able to bake a cheesecake, rum cake, noodle kogel and banana bread pudding without a problem - note all small pan items. When I tried to bake cookies, I discovered a design flaw. My cookie sheets took over almost the complete rack. Should be no problem, right? Not right. The first batch I tried baking on the "bake" setting. My cooking time was 17 minutes. When I went to pull out my cookies, the ones in the upper left corner were browned (beyond where they should be), but the other cookies were not even slightly browned. I had to remove the pan or have burnt cookies in the back. I tried another batch using "convection bake multi rack". The results were even worse. The cookies in the back on both sides were now burning, there was a little color on the outside edges of those on both sides of the oven and a touch along the outside edge of the cookies in the front,but the middle remained very undercooked. The 1st GE tech replaced the broiler unit after noticing that the left side was brighter and on more than the rest of the unit and noting that the temperature was hotter in the back. I tried baking again after this change. The results were the same. The cookies in the back would burn while the ones in the middle were not done. Another tech and another confirmation that the back was hotter than the rest of the oven, this time it was determined that it was at least 25 degrees hotter. I figured out that the fan, which is located in the center of the back of the oven, was drawing the air in and then heated air was being pushed out two elongated vents on either side of it straight up the sides of the oven. This air is at least 25 degrees hotter than the set temperature. My other ovens do not shoot the air straight forward as this one does and I have no problem baking cookies or anything in a larger pan. I advised GE consumer relations about the problem and they say "the oven works as designed". They will not admit there is a problem or offer a solution other than to send out another repair company to come to the same conclusion. By the way, none of the techs or the consumer relations person cook very much and none baked.

                            My conclusion is - if you are a baker, do NOT buy this oven. If you never cook anything in a larger pan, then the oven may be very nice for you.

                            1. In a 2007 kitchen remodel, we bought the Monogram single wall oven, 36" 6 burner cook top, and 48" side by side fridge.
                              Love the oven-simple dial controls, rolling racks, awesome for broiling and baking. Cooktop is good. Great high powered burners. Really like the reversible grids to accept a wok. Only complaint with the stove is that the big burners don't work well with small pans (<6" diameter)--the flame pattern is just too large.
                              The refrigerator on the other hand, is a disaster. When it works, it's great. But at less than 7 years old, it has completely died twice. It also had an incident when the water dispenser stuck on. Switching off the breaker and resetting the fridge finally resolved the problem, but what a mess.
                              Oh, and the monogram service is poor. They schedule a 4 hour window (next day if you are lucky), and then send a confirmation for an 10 hour window-8 to 5- and wont give you any clue if it will be morning or afternoon. 1 day shot--if they have the part to fix the problem.
                              Conclusion: avoid the refrigerators.
                              Even though I like the oven, the whole service experience has soured me to GE. I will buy something else next time.

                              1. I've had a 48" dual fuel Monogram range that has worked exactly as specified. I've cooked everything from pizza (550 degrees on a stone) to roasts to great bread in the oven. Everything comes out evenly cooked. The burners are all accurate and easy to control right down to very low simmer. The grill and griddle have worked flawless.

                                I cook on this beast nearly every night using multiple burners and at least one of the ovens (need to have warm plates!) It has never failed me, so I can't comment on the service.

                                I would highly recommend the GE Monogram unless you are planning on flipping your high-end home and kitchen and need to have the snob appeal of a Wolf.

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                                  What is the maximum temperature of the oven? And when did you buy it?

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                                    I believe it is 550 degrees in both ovens. Pizza and bread comes out great. I usually do the pizza at 550 degrees for about 7 minutes. For bread, I preheat the oven to 525 and then turn it down to 475 as soon as I place it in the oven. I use the Dutch oven technique for bread.