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Feb 26, 2005 09:35 PM

TJ's Mole Rojo

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Has anyone tried Trader Joe's Mole Rojo? I've used both the red and black mole from Zingermans- they're both good but pricey. The TJ's
mole has the right ingredients and is much cheaper.

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  1. I've tried it and find it good, but lacks sufficient intensity. Diluting it with less water will not create the needed intensity. On the whole, I prefer it better to Dona Maria's brand (which I tried many years ago).

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    1. re: elise h

      I agree. What's missing is that velvety chocolate taste.

      1. re: JoAnn

        Here's what I do. I use Rogelio's brand which is similar to Dona Maria's in that it is a paste. I first melt some lard in the pan then I add a tablet of Mexican chocolate to melt being careful to not burn. Once melted, I begin adding chicken broth until I get the consistency I want. I also add some chile chimayo (New Mexico chile) for heat. This method makes the mole tastes more like home made and it's delicious. Sometimes I may add a little peanut butter as well. Maybe a couple of teaspoons.

        1. re: JoAnn

          Technically Mole Rojo does not, traditionally, have chocolate in it. Mole Coloradito does contain chocolate as, of course, does Mole Negro.

          Try pureeing about a pound of tomatoes and then sauteeing the puree along with the mole paste before adding whatever stock is to be used. The pureed tomatoes help round the flavor out on mole paste.

          1. re: Gayla

            Well, that would explain the lack of chocolate taste! Thanks for the educational tip. I love Chowhounds.

            1. re: JoAnn

              Actually, TJ's Mole Rojo does contain chocolate - I am looking at the ingredient list as I type this. Gayla may have been referring to mole rojo made from scratch, not TJ's version. But it is listed last, so the amount of chocolate may be very small, hence the lack of a chocolate taste. This can be easily compensated for by adding some bittersweet or unsweetened chocolate to the sauce.

      2. I didn't care for it that much. It was bitter and had an overcooked taste to it. Most of the flavor was just dried chili's, no real taste of the other spices.