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Feb 26, 2005 08:31 PM

Girl Scout Cookie Recipe Challenge

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Hi there-

So my Girl Scout cookies have arrived at the same time my patner and I are catering desserts for a casual benefit concert . I'm whipping up a pistachio/pineaplle pudding cake and a few other goodies, but was trying to think of a creative way to work in some Thin Mints or other cookies.

Past hits have included crushing them and sprinkling them over vanilla ice cream. Any other bright ideas?

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  1. A trifle with crushed cookies or layered cookies is always good.

    You could also bake a bundt shaped cake, cut it in half horizontally, dig a two inch tunnel around, and fill the trench with frosting mixed with crushed cookies. Then frost the entire cake and sprinkle with crushed cookies.

    You can use the shortbread or any other cookies to make a crumble topping for a crisp. The peanut butter would go well with apple.

    You can also crumble the cookies and use them to make a pie crust.

    Thin mints crushed are a great addition to a sugar cookie recipe.

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      Wow-- thanks Emme.

      Definitely some good ideas there!

    2. You can use them whole as the bottom crust in cupcake papers for a cheesecake on top or a piped dollop of mousse on top; choice for a flavor of each are many and varied but include pistachio mousse or cheesecake, lemon mousse or cheesecake, chocolate praline mousse or cheesecake, orange mousse or cheesecake, marscapone mousse or cheesecake, chocolate mousse or cheesecake, blackberry and lime mousse or cheesecake, . . .

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        Ooooohhhh. Samoas/Caramel Deelites, crushed into a crust, with a coconut cream cheesecake on top. Oooooh. Where'd I put my coconut milk?

      2. Bringing this post back to life because it's girl scout cookie season again!! :) Any and all Baking with girl scout Cookies recipes and ideas wanted!!


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        1. Recipes from a Girl Scout Cookie cooking competition:

            NPR ran an interesting story on baking with girl scout cookies. NPR link included here.