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Jan 30, 2004 12:41 PM

Where to get Lardo?

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Anyone know where to get good Italian lardo--preferably at a place where they know how to slice it really thin so that it looks like slightly tranclucent ribbons?

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  1. I doubt that Italian lardo can be imported. I've only had lardo, domestically made, for a special event. I asked Claudio if he might make some, and he said that he can't get the grade of raw materials to make thick, high quality lardo.


    1. A couple of weeks ago the Niman Ranch booth at the Ferry Market was selling lardo and guanciale (about $5/lb I think). Both looked really good.

      1. I saw Niman Ranch Lardo last night at The Pasta Shop in Rockridge. They can likely slice it pretty thin for you.

        1. Italian Lardo, sadly, is not approved for import into the US. Last year, I ordered some guanciale from a NY producer featured in The Art of Eating, and it was first rate, better than other domestic versions I have tried - if I can find the back issue, I will post contact info.

          1. No Italian made lardo enters this country (nor many other terrific salumeria products) thanks to the USDA.

            Niman's lardo is not anywhere as tasty as the real thing.

            I suspect that Paul Bertolli might make some lardo (Oliveto's).

            Mario Batalli sells lardo under the name of prosciutto bianco in his NY restaurants, and he might sell it through his outlet. I understand he was going to open a salumeria but don't know if he did.

            Of course if you can get the right pig fat and have a little time.....