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Feb 26, 2005 02:58 PM

Turkish Delight

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What is it?

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  1. It's called locum (variously spelled) and it's a jellied candy thickened with cornstarch, sometimes containing nuts, ususally flavored with rose or orange water or mastic.

      1. re: applehome

        They sell those at CVS, at least last time I was down that aisle

        1. re: ValL

          they also sell applets and cotlets at fry's electronics. in my opinion, it's nowhere near as good as the rose flavored stuff, though. you might be able to find it at a middle eastern grocer.

        2. re: applehome

          Hi -- Aplets and Cotlets are really delicious, as is the cranberry version (some is made in Bandon, Oregon, cranberry/walnut, I think, really good. Bandon, Oregon, by the way, also makes excellent cheddar cheese, if you're ever out that way), but, I wouldn't exactly call it Turkish Delight. But, delicious. Same kind of concept, though... a jellied delicacy to eat with your fingers. You can find Turkish Delight, usually in a box, on many international food aisles in grocery stores, and sometimes in candy shops. I love it. It is sort of a not too sweet jellied type candy, usually in squares or rectangles, firm, often with nuts, sometimes delicately colored pink or apricot color, or light green, often rose water flavored. Usually sort of coated in powdered sugar, or cornstarch or something to keep it from sticking to other things. A nice treat at the end of a middle-eastern dinner, or for a fancy addition to a tea party, in my humble opinion.