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Feb 26, 2005 06:01 AM

Raos tomato sauce

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I have read many reviews of this tiny NYC restaurant that is almost impossible to get reservations for. Now, I found they are selling their sauce in a local grocery store. I would like to try it, but it's quite pricey. $7.99 on sale this week for $5.99. Has anyone tried this product?

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  1. This is the ONLY jar sauce I will eat...that price is excellent...I buy it by the case.

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    1. re: suzanne

      i second that. this is the only jar sauce i will eat and I think it is very falvorful. i think it is yummy, especially over chicken or eggplant parm (get the marinara)

      i fooled my dad who would never think of eating sauce out of a fjar.

      hey, try it. i don't think 5.99 will break your bank. here in nyc the cheapest i can find it is 6.99 and at all places............bed bath and beyond. lol

    2. Rao's tomato sauce with eggplant (I forget what they call it) over pasta is one of my favorite "too busy to cook" dinners.

      1. I've tried it a few times and it has always been mediocre and with a bitter burnt taste. Also very expensive, especially for a bad sauce. Rao's isn't considered the best restaurant around, only mid-level. The only thing to say about it is it is hard to get a reservation because of the assigned table policy.

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        1. re: The Rogue

          I agree. I tried the sauce once in spite of the absurd price just to see what all the fuss was about. It was pretty underwhelming. Each to his own taste, I guess.

        2. Food TV had a episode of "Follow That Food" that focused on Frank Pelligrino who manages or ownes Rao's, the link lists all of the recipes including Sunday gravy.


          1. It's a good sauce but (1) it gets a lot of oomph from a relatively high proportion of oil compared to other marinaras, and (2) it is not sweetened, and so bitter notes from different batches or seasons of tomatoes can come through in different bottles. Not more than other sauces, but the extra oil floats all the flavor notes more, as it were. I find it dependably delicious, but palates will vary.